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NY Volkl Karma Review

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March 11, 2006.

Skis: Volkl Karma 177cm
Boots: Salomon teneighty
Bindings: Salomon S810

Skier: 19 yo male 5' 11" 185lbs. 80/20 slopes/park

Skill: 10 have skied everything available on east coast, mott canyon at Heavenly, bowls at The Canyons, Chutes at High North ski camp etc etc.

Mountain: Swain, NY (Small approx 15 slopes) snowmaking is done for the year.

Conditions: Somewhere between bad and horrible. hard pack under 1~2 in of slush. 55` mostly cloudy. Very comfortable i might add.

Well the conditions were crap for my first run on the Karma's but let me start off by saying these skis handle anything. These skis plowed thru the slush and were waiting for you to take the next turn. Turn initiation for me was no big problem but for some one smaller may be a little too stiff. But once you get these on edge they are ready for whatever u through at it next. All double diamond runs were closed so couldn't really try any steeps. The steepest i could find was a black diamond (east coast so not very steep) but i skied the edge of the trail where there were small remininse of unskied "snow" (one sq in of this stuff probably weighted 10 lbs.) but this is probably the highlight of these skis. They performed so well in that i almost bought a plane ticket to B.C. so i could get some powder but then remember rent was due =( These things blasted through the heaviest snow you could imagine and making short quick turns was no problem what so ever.

Carving... no problem... maybe not as sweet as a carving specific ski but this thing will definately rip some nice wide carves. some of the moderate blue slopes open had some decent hard packed with no slush so i decided to put these to the carving test. I took short slalom type carving turns and these things rippped. They never missed a beat! Carving at high speeds was a dream.. i could've fallen a sleep with how quiet and stable these were at such speeds and how effortless it was to switch edges.

Park... um... lets put it like this... the park Swain DID have was not even worth taking the time to watch the little kids try to ski up the jump and slide backward back down it cuz they went too slow. Maybe i can report on this next week.

conclusion: without a doubt the best all mountain twip-tip (which has been already established) but did you know they'll carve you a piece of pie out of the mountain. Not recommended for light weights but if you got the muscle to get these from edge to edge you will have the time of your life!

Probably won't be til next year til i get to try these in some real powder but we might have a few inches for this weekend over here.

After the weekend I'll report on how these do in some decent conditions as were suppose to have a few inches in the coming week.

Just bought a pair of Atomic B:11 puls for my girlfriend.. will have a review of them up beginning of next week.

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Thanks for the report. I have a used pair I picked up cheap sitting waiting for the wide brakes. Sounds like I won't be sorry I got them. Bought mostly for pow days as I have Dynastar 8000 on packed days. We've got new snow and I'm going nuts to get up.

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I'm happy to hear you like the Karma. I demoed it on Saturday at Okemo. I'm your size but a bit older ( ) 51y/o. I thought the ski would carve well but didn't have that locked to the snow feel as other skis. I figured that was because that were meant to have soft tip and tail. I can see where that would be a benefit in the pipe and park. I hard no trouble turning them. They were easy to ski. Just not for me.

BTW welcome to EPIC, I'll be looking forward to hearing more from someone your age. You'll add a fresh look to our hangout.
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Yeah this forum is great. Any question I have is answered in no time at all. Yeah I like the Karma cuz its very springy from turn to turn. you hit your edge and it takes you right around and leaves you ready to take that next turn w/ ease. I can't wait to get it out on some steeps or in some trees. Going to Greek Peak NY this weekend... they have a decent steep slope that i'll really get to work the fall line with these. Couple glade trails but most likely will be closed. And if there's any sort of park i'll hit that up too. Look to next week for an update of this ski... first time skiing 'em could just me being excited and next week i hate 'em
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I also am a 19 y/o skier a little larger though 510 215 lbs. These are my new and i mean brand new all mountain anything skis. I just bought a pair today and enjoyed them on killington. Some steeper stuff was open and bumps were everywhere. The snow was heavy and i felt like super man all day. Short medium long it didnt matter i could ski anything. The bumps were a supprise. Steeps...not a problem. I even managed to find some sun made powder everything was fun and easy. They ski like a little softer and much wider five star.
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new karmas

after much reading of this great forum i ordered a pair of '07 karmas this morning and a pair of tyrolia railflex 12s. i'm a big guy (197cm, 106kg) so i went with the 184cm rather than the 177cm that were recommended to me.

i was looking for pow/crud/park/pipe ski to complement my '04/'05 dynastar omecarve 10s (which i love). while i wanted a park ski- i wasn't prepared to compromise with something that's no good for ripping gs turns on cordruoy.

so on the strength of the multitude of good reviews i have read of this ski i bought them- though i wont get a chance to play with them until early july- southern hemisphere winters notwithstanding.

i will report back - assuming i receive them in the mail - once i've taken them out in july.

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This thread is a little old but i figured i'd put my two cents in.
I'm 20 6'3" and 190lbs, i picked up the 06-07 karmas in a 177 (my previous ski was a 177 as well) about a week ago and im waiting to get on them. i'm very excited to see what they can do. i'll add a formal review when i get a chance.
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