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This paragraph from the Chronicle article sums up why I hold some disdain for the media: "...There were, of course, hardly any snowboarders 15 years ago."

Uh, Mr. Fimrite, that's why it's broken down per number of visits!

The article has quite a bit more to it and can be found here:

holy cow- i lived and rode, daily, in tahoe exactly 15 years ago. boarding was everywhere.

and i mean everywhere.

some resorts, such as boreal and donner ski ranch, had more boarders than skiers.
while alpine still outlawed boarding at that time, squaw was full of us.
by '91, "shred" was officially an outdated poseur term, (recently revived).
i believe Rob Wells was still running the busy snowboard school at squaw, as he had in the '89-'90 season, under LeRoy Hill, for whom I'd worked, shortly, many years previous.
Hell, ISM magazine, and Mr. Hsiu, were in full-swing by that time, in the region, and Damian Sanders (I shared a house at Alpine with his brother, Kevin) was rapidly redefining american freestyle riding on boards built by Kevin's company.
Shaun (minshred) Palmer was already collecting caddies and riding serious MX and skiing more than he was in '89 or '90, and Mike Jacoby, Mark Fawcett, Tara Eberhard, Rob LaVigne, Noah Brandon, etc., were at boreal or donner every day, hitting gates, setting proper ruts for the likes of me and a tiny handful of other lesser-known teammates.
This was already the post-Burton year for burton's golden-era team, we were all on 'HOT' by '91 in Tahoe, distributed to us regionally by Ken Spencer (& his company "ASM") of the Squaw Ski School.
Snowboarding was everytwhere to be seen, heard and felt in tahoe 15 years ago.....
the reporter is clearly full o' bull-dinky.

this reporter examples what i keep saying about boarding, in general. it's still young enough that it encourages absolutely ignorant overnight experts.