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Sudden End of Ski Season

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It appears that a lot of discussions about the number of skiing injuries have increased this year. Having just had my ski season end after being hit from behind while skiing at Keystone. I have had time to wonder if there is any thing else a skier can do to protect them self from other skiers/boarders or what resorts can do. A quick synopsis of my accident follows:

My wife and I where skiing at Keystone, conditions where not the best as it was hard pack and crowded. After lunch we decided that we would move to a bump run and work on skiing bumps (also thought less skiers would be on these runs) We went to the outback and started down Elk run intending to take a cut off to Big Horn (a bump run). They’re where numerous skiers and boarders on the run, many appear to be over their heads for the conditions. While skiing down the run their were several groups of people stopped on the left side of the run, I moved to the right to give room to these groups of people just in case one attempted to start with out looking. Once past the groups I moved back to skiing the edge of the run, as I was approaching the cut off for Big Horn there was another group of 4 or 5 people stopped just above the cut off. I moved to the right and past, once past I made a left turn into the cut off. Just as I stated to enter the cut off I was struck from behind which forced me into the woods. The result of the impact is a broken right shoulder, “open book” fracture of the pelvis (common injury for being struck in the back), grade 3 tear of the MCL in the right knee. I have no idea where the skier came from the hit me, I remember watching the group standing above the cut off to make sure none of them entered the cut off in front of me. The next thing I remember was my wife yelling my name and asking if I was OK and me wrapped around a tree below the cut off.

With out eyes in the back of my head I really am at a loss if there was anything I could have done differently. Maybe if it would have been a boarder I would have been able to hear him behind me but as it was I never knew they was anyone skiing behind me.
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First off, sorry to hear you got hurt and hope you heal up soon....

Originally Posted by Sgt21
With out eyes in the back of my head I really am at a loss if there was anything I could have done differently.
There wasn't anything you NEEDED to do. You had the right of way. I hope somebody got the name of the person that hit you.
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That sucks man,
Bummer. In my experience, Keystone has the most out of control skiers in Colorado. (And subsequently the most skiers who ski above their ability). Scary place, especially on a day when the snow is poor and everyone is packed into the groomers. Definitely not your fault! Heal up soon!

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what happened to the person who hit you?
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Best Wishes For A Speedy Recovery

Sorry to hear about your injury. I was hit by a skier at Keystone. I learned from it. A more effective tool than speed in avoiding collisions is waiting. When I ski Keystone now I stick to the trees. I also never ski there on the weekends. I am always willing to leave if I think the place looks sketchy. The Windows as well as South and North Bowls always seem to be far less populated on weekdays. I was hit from behind like you. I took into account all of my decisions up until the time I was hit.
I am just recovering from a torn hamstring and was almost hit by some kid in a starter jacket at MJ on Friday, the first day back skiing. I just hear the kid yell "watch this" from behind me and next thing I see is a kid in a blue starter jacket bouncing down the bumps right in front of me. Had I been skiing a little faster he would have hit me. It happens so fast what can you do? His friends were all laughing but I didn't think it was funny. I left early.
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