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Wolf Creek?

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anyone get a taste of the Wolf Creek pow days as of late??

from their report:

Last 24 Hours : 20 inches
Last 48 Hours : 50 inches
Last 72 Hours : 64 inches
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It's been a while since I've been to Wolf Creek, but it can be a bit tiresome on a board in really deep snow, especially if you don't have a looooong fattttt board. Some of the trails have flat spots on them that you must plan ahead for. It helps to know your way around until the skiers pack down some exit ramps.
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 It was............epic.  32 inches in 24.  Sunday was nectar.  Wow Nov.15.  I'm back in my HOME......
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I'm jealous.  The conditions at Copper were awful on Sunday.   The crazies were out too.
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Wolf Creek has had 78" of snow so far this season, and is 100% open.  Tomorrow is a "locals appreciation day," which is a misnomer, because anyone who walks up to the window gets a $31 ticket.  Sounds like a pretty good pre-Thanksgiving option.  I'll be there.
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I was wondering about heading over as well. Thanks for the head's up on 'local appreciation'. That's cheaper than 18 at Hillcrest.
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Normally I would not try to increase the crowds on a day I am skiing, but those guys are really great and I like to help their business.  They open early and close late, just because they love to board and ski, and spread it around.  Plus, they spent a fortune fighting the big development on the Pass because it would have ruined the small area vibe of the place.  It may not be big, but IMO it's got the biggest heart of any area in Colorado.  Historically they have more snow than any other area in the state, and this year they seem to be winning the competition, at least so far.
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As another WC bonus, the food has been good and very reasonably priced. The vibe is great over there.
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+1 to what Mudfoot and Alpinord are saying. I'll be there Saturday and Sunday.
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Wolf Creek is great, wonder how it is this year as I am sitting at Winter Park wondering if I can board mud...

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Originally Posted by Bavman View Post

Wolf Creek's snow is great but the mountain itself is mostly flat and boring, wonder how it is this year as I am sitting at Winter Park wondering if I can board mud...


Fixed it for ya
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tsk tsk tsk - you'd think a bulldog could sniff out the good stuff. Now if you'd had a GA TECHnical eduvacation, you wouldn't be saying that about our dear little Wolfie.
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