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Congratulations to Taylormatt.... He passed his EPSIA level 2 with extremely high marks...Out of a possible score of 16, over the two day event, Matt scored a 15....He passed the skiing several weeks ago, also, with a very high mark.......congratulations Matt, Seven Springs is fortunate to have you and Mara on staff.....
Kudos to Wes P, your Trainer/Mentor......

Larry C
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Way to go Matt! Had no doubt you would ace it based on my observations of you skiing expertise.
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Thanks guys. I owe it all to Wes (with lots of help from Bob K.), he's the man when it comes to training and skiing knowledge!
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Congrats Matt!
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Way to go Matt! I'm not at all surprised, after all you seem to live on the hill. You are the definition of a dedicated instructor. That level 3 will soon be yours too.
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This is an old thread but does anyone know if Matt (taylormatt) is still skiing and teaching at 7 Springs?
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I don't think so but I'll ask around. He and wife, who also taught at 7S, started a family and I think that his life as a golf pro/ski instructor had to see some modifications.

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Thanks LHC
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