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IM82 , 172 review

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SKi: IM82, 172 , Binding set +15, 17.70 turn radius 122-82-108
Conditions: rain, 45 degrees, wet heavy snow with chunks and bare patches!

Well the conditions were just aweful including a lift that kept shutting down! I only stayed for a few runs as I couldn't see out of my goggles because of the rain and dark overcast conditions.

The 82 skis like a much thinner ski, Although it's not super nimble like a SuperShape, it's suprisingly quick edge-2-edge and was very easy to ski short radius turns. Felt light underfoot and was easy to roll on edge. I was quite suprised how easy it was to ski. In the heavy slush, you felt like you were on nice groomed packed powder. I was able to find some icy crappy stuff to ski on, it held a edge well enough to make me feel it would perform on hardpack. Good response, super stable. Excellent rebound and plenty of pop for such a big ski.

Final thoughts: the 82 is a must on any demo list for anyone looking for a ski that can potentially do it all. I would guess its not a great Mogul ski but for a ski that whose home would be primarilly softer snow with powder and crud, I would have to give this ski very high marks. Big Fun factor

Kinda like a big mountain ski that can handle the NASTAR Course. FWIW- I love the graphics and acid green paint.
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Hi Ron,

Well, great ski, lousy weather; March can be the cruelist month. Any plans to ski again?


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always plans to ski, getting on whats left of the snow is another issue. I really want ot get out on the 82's one more time this season.
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Told ya so.
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Phil, which part, teh "you'll love the 82's" or the "blue Mtn sucks" part,, or both.....
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Originally Posted by Finndog
Phil, which part, the "you'll love the 82's" or the "blue Mtn sucks" part,, or both.....
All the above?

I will say I am having the same weather here at Sunday River.
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Once again, hats off to you East coast guys and dealing with your weather .

We just got another foot in the sierras and Dawgcatching has my i.M82's in the mail. If Finn cannot get out again I will let you know how they do this weekend at Mammoth .
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I skiied the 82 in the rain at Stowe on Sunday. I liked it as a bump ski, so there's the answer to that question. I skiied a Scot Schmidt Pro Model in the morning and didn't like it nearly as much.
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