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Hi Guys been lurking for the past year but now I have a question of my own so its time to come out of the closet.
I currently ski a pair of 176 Superaxe Series 3Vs which I love, they are great making short turns in the fall line, grip well in the ice and will cut through all of the rough conditions we get here as well as having enough float for shallow powder.
I am hoping to replace them with something that will be just as capable.
I have considered the Rossi Viper S but have reservations about how it will cope in the crud as it seems fairly light and may get pushed around.
I have also looked at the Crossmax10 Pilot which seems to be praised for its ability to cut through the roughest of conditions but in this case my reservations are about its short turn and fall line abilties, maybe a shorter length say 170 would help here?.
Most of all I would like to stay with the same feel as the superaxes give with the emphasis on short turn ability.
Any feedback or ideas would be welcome.
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What is your height and weight? And what conditions do you usually ski on? You may want to consider this years race model of the skit hat you are on now. its dimensions are 105-64-94 so are a bit wider than what you are skiing on now, and i have been told that they are a better ski than the t-power viper S (which i skied on last season). you could go as short as the 160(which i am racing on) or up to a 168 of 176 depending on your size. It is a short slalom ski so meant to be skied short of course. Your choice between the 3V and the Crossmax would have to be based on what type of terrain you ski mostly, and how much edgehold you like to have in a ski. While the crossmax 10 has excellent edgehold for a ski of its width and stiffness, it is not a race ski.
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Thanks for the reply Greg,
I am 155lbs 5'8'' conditions up here vary between boiler plate and slush almost on a daily basis, powder is rare and never that deep. I guess that I am pushing level 8 and like to have a lot of edgehold. As I am looking for something to cope with a wide range of conditions I don't think I should go too short, how stiff would the 3V be? and how did you find the T powers in rough conditions?.
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