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M:EX size

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Like ssh I'm looking to buy an off-piste ski to compliment my beloved 162 b5's. I found the Utah powder at ESA too deep for my b5's when combined with my level 7 ability.

First choice would be the 8800's in 178 (which I've demo'd) or Monster 88's (hopefully demo next week) in a similar size but getting a good end of season deal on theses skis in UK/Europe is difficult.

I am however being offered some great prices on some M:EX's, especially the 04/05 model. Playing around with the Metron sizing chart puts me on the 165 but I don't won't to go that short.

I'm 210lbs (need to drop to 185!) so would the 175 M:EX be ok for me?
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Too short at current weight for Utah.

I had the 185cm out on Friday; OK but not exceptional.

Try Sugar Daddys (173cm)

And Stockli Stormrider TTs.
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Comprex, too short eh? Sort of makes a mockery out of the Metron chart then as I thought they might be too long. I also thought about the Sugar Daddy's but there's nothing around in my budget in the UK.

Well I've taken the plunge & bought a pair of 175cm M:EX's for $380 which I reckon is a bargain. Never tried before but I love my b5's so I'm hoping that they'll have similar characteristics. If I'm not happy on them I can move then on & any unrecovered cost would be no more than renting/demo'ing other fats for a day or two.

The snow's great in France at the moment with more to come this week & next so I'm looking forward to next week & finding out if I've done the right thing.
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