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K2 Axis

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Has anyone skied the K2 Axis. I would love to hear from all of you, especially those of you in the east....Thanks
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I have the K2 Mod 7/8 which I think is very similar, if not the same as the Axis. They have the same sidecut. The Mod may have the peizoelectric crystal which was dropped on the Axis. Anyway, I love my Mod's. I am a 54 year old adventurous advanced (not expert) skier. The Mods carve great, are stable, at least up to moderate speed, pretty good in bumps and really good in powder. I also have Volant Chubb and Volkl Explosiv powder skis - I like the Mods better in powder. The 70 mm waist provides great stability. I'm skiing 174mm's, the shortest ski I've had. Given the float, sidecut and length they are also a great woods ski. For me, the Mod 7/8 is a real "all-mountain" ski. Go short, shaped, soft (longitudinal flex), and stable (wide waist). The "4 S's" of modern skis. I hope this helps. As always, demo before you buy.

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I've been on the 2003/04 versions of the K2 Axis, Axis X, Axis XP. Axis XR and Axis XT.

The XR is their high performance ski designed for use on ice. While they market it as a short shaped slalom racing ski to some degree or another I don't believe it really hits that mark. It is however, much easier to ski so an advanced intermediate through expert would find it very enjoyable. For the racer to elite skier looking for that razor honed topmost level of performance I believe there are other ski out there that will be better.

The XP is a very good solid mid-wide ski (78mm waist). It handles eastern crud, chop, etc very well. While it does not provide the same fine honed feel of the best skis in that marketplace it is a solid contender with no bad manners at all.

The XT is is the all-mountain of their top of the line skis. I feel it hits it's target the best of the 3. I find it to be a bit better than some of the strong contenders in its category but not as good as some. It gives decent to good edge grip and feel on hard snow. It is a bit easier to upset in crud and chop than some of its competitors.

Compared with the XT, the X gives up some high speed stability, edge grip and edge feel but it is more comfortable busting through crud and chop. This is the one that will be appropriate for most skiers. The average intermediate will find it slightly demanding but not unskiable. The advanced skier will find it more affordable than the competition and capable (but not perfect if they compare it to other skis) in most conditions they will encounter.

Lastly, the Axis is a good, stable all mountain ski that is appropriate for anybody who can make a reasonable wedge christie turn (low intermediate) through the advanced intermediate. Compared to other skis in its price range the Axis will be very middle of the road in all categories and have absolutely no bad characteristics.

I hope that helps.

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