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Since we don't have a lost and found forum, anyone who knows who went to MRG this weekend with a matched set of poles, and came home with a mismatched set, PM me so we can both have matched poles again....
I went to Telefest at Mad River Glen this weekend and had a great time. I was totally surprised by the coverage in the woods. Although not the greatest coverage, the rocks were easily avoidable, and I did absolutely no damage to my skis. Sunday was good until 1pm, when it stated pouring hard. Luckily, I went in for lunch at 12:55. of course there was a mass exodus from the mountain. I finished lunch, hung with friends for a while, then leisurely packed up and went to leave at 2:45. On the rack where I left my skis were 5 pair of skis and 10 poles, so far so good, but 4 poles had identical matches, and 1 Leki aluminum pole keeping company my Scott pro taper graphite pole. How anyone could possibly pick up this totally mismatched set and not notice, is beyond my comprehension, but they were both black and it happened. I checked every rack in the place (there couldn't have been 30 pairs of skis left), the mountain was near empty and my pole was not there. I left my name and address with the mountain, and took this sad looking set of mismatched poles home. Darn, I liked those poles, I don't think Scott makes them anymore. End of Rant.... :

Ask everyone you know who was at MRG on Sunday, if they want to trade a Leki pole for a Scott pole, or know someone who would.