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Interested in no BS World Cup footage?

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I have a tv tuner card on one of my PCs that I use to record televised ski racing and I would like to test the waters to see if people would be interested in some or all of my collection. This is only a test to see if there is interest. This isn't a guarantee that I'm going to bend over backwards and pay $1000/month for a T1 so every last person on the planet can get my entire collection by next Tuesday.

That being said. I have almost the entire series of men's world cup races from OLN's Ten Weeks To Torino. I also have NBC's versions of all 5 men's alpine events from Torino. This is basically all of the men's world cup coverage from the 05-06 season (obviously excluding the upcoming finals).

Commercials, Craig Hummer, Bob Costas, athlete bios, redundant recaps, figure skating, and basically anything other than actual skiing is edited out from all of my files (with a few exceptions).

Quality wise things vary. I had to reformat my computer in the fall and it took me a month or so to get my settings dialed back in and some of the earlier races aren't the best quality video/audio but they are still vastly superior to having nothing. After that the quality is basically as good as you can get off regular analog cable, so to the seriously discriminating viewer these won't be DVD quality video. Resolution is 720 x 480 and they are all encoded with the Xvid Codec.

Now comes the important part. I am tidying up a few last races but the 05-06 season is going to be around 10 GB in size. Individual events vary from 200 MB to 900 MB.

Keeping that in mind, I have a university connection at my disposal however it is my work computer and letting it go full throttle wouldn't be a good idea for multiple reasons. There are three realistic ways I can think of to distribute this stuff to interested people.

1) I could set up an FTP server with an account for board members and cap your download speed at something slow like 10 KB/s per user.

2) I could set up a bunch of bit torrents that way other people could share the stuff they download and save me some bandwidth.

3) There is the possibility of me burning the stuff to DVD and sending it snail mail if people felt like paying for DVDs and postage.

This is a not quite finished list of what I have for the 05-06 season(Beaver Creek, Val Gardena, and Alta Badia will be included eventually. I apologize for the formatting of this table):

year month day Comment
2005 Oct 23 Soelden GS highlights only/audio has minor distortion
2005 Nov 26 Lake Louise DH audio has minor distortion
2005 Nov 27 Lake Louise SG audio has minor distortion
2005 Dec 29 Bormio DH video less than perfect
2006 Jan 07 Adelboden GS video less than perfect
2006 Jan 08 Adelboden SL video less than perfect
2006 Jan 08 Bode 60 Minutes
2006 Jan 15 Wengen SL video less than perfect
2006 Jan 20 Kitzbuehel SG highlights only
2006 Jan 21 Kitzbuehel DH
2006 Jan 22 Kitzbuehel SL
2006 Jan 24 Schladming SL
2006 Jan 28 Garmisch DH
2006 Jan 29 Garmisch SG Includes Olympic Team Announcements
2006 Feb 03 Chamonix COM
2006 Feb 11 Olympics DH NBC Final Training Run
2006 Feb 12 Olympics DH NBC
2006 Feb 14 Olympics COM NBC
2006 Feb 18 Olympics SG NBC
2006 Feb 20 Olympics GS NBC
2006 Feb 25 Olympics SL NBC
2006 Feb 25 Olympics - Bode Interview With Tom Brokaw

So, if you are interested in any of this stuff, post something and indicate which of my three delivery methods would work best. In theory I would like to hook all interested parties up with this stuff eventually or better yet pass it on to somebody else who can. I suspect other USA racing enthusiasts starved of racing coverage would be interested. I probably shouldn't have save this for last, but I am a graduate student with next to zero spare time to orchestrate this kind of stuff so if there is an overwhelming amount of interest please be patient.
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I'm interested - DVD would be best for me, but failing that whatever works for you is cool. I'd happily pay for the media and postage.

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BIT-Torrent. That's the whole point.
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Thanks for offering dude!... Torrent sounds great to me..
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IF we had enough people sharing the torrent that'd be awesome, no cable in montana means i haven't seen a race all year.
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