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Alta/Utah in late March?

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What are the conditions in Alta or other resorts in Utah like in late March - I'm thinking of planning a skiing trip out there in that timeframe, and would like to know what to expect.
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Anything from warm sunny days to Mega multi foot dumps. No matter what the weather the Cottonwood Canyons holds snow very well. Last year Snowbird closed to skiing in mid July.
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Sorry for my ignorance, but are Alta, Snowbird, Park City and other nearby areas all in the Cottonwood Canyons?
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Park City is on the Back side of The Wasatch Mountains. Park city are resorts have more sun exposure so conditions if warm and sunny won't be as good as Brighton Solitude Alta or Snowbird. Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons are right next to each other. LCC is home to Alta/Bird. BCC is home to Solitude and Brighton. The Park City area is home to PCMR , Deer Valley and The Canyons. All are within an hours drive of each other. In fact the top of Park City Mountain Resort and the back of Deer Valley is only about 2 too 3 miles from Brighton as the crow flies. The pass between them is closed in the winter. It's hard to keep a road open at 9000 plus feet with all that legendary Utah snow. You have to drive down to SLC and up the Canyon to get to Brighton and the rest. That is about a 45 min drive from Park City. Alta/Bird is just a hair shorter drive. All are about a 30 to 45 min drive from the SLC Airport. I really look forward to skiing here that time of year low crowds and more often then not good conditions. If we do have that freeze thew cycle we should have an excellent crop of spring corn snow. Only thing better then Corn is Powder.
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Thanks for the detail, Utah49 - we're going to be there the last week of March. Woohoo!
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