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Slik wax irons

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I bought a Slik wax iron for $35 as it was the cheapest iron I could find.

When I'm waxing, I'll set the temperature to the recommended wax temp. The problem is that whenever it has to heat up again the wax starts smoking. I tried turning down the temp and found that it was too difficult to melt the wax on my skis. : I've also had issues with the iron sticking to the skis (burning the bases??), although this could have been due to not enough wax on the bases, and with getting the wax to melt consistently across the ski.

Do I have a defective iron? Should I try to return it?
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It doesn't sound good to me. I would return it.
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Step 1: Ignore the marked temperatures when using the temperature-setting control. See if you can adjust to an appropriate temperature by trial-and-error, rather than the number of degrees marked on the control. The cleanest way would be to adjust up gradually, giving the iron time to "settle" at a temperature.

Step 2: Go back to where you bought it.
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I bought the $35 "chugger" iron from Tognar ( ml). It has a clicking temprature wheel. It will balance the temp between smoking and easy melting, but the difference between the two is very small - often just one click on the temp wheel. It works, but you might get finer gradients with a more expensive iron.
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