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Shipping skis

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What is the best way to ship skis from NY to ID? I've got an interested buyer but I don't know how to ship them. What might I expect to pay?
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A few months ago I shipped skis with bindings attached from VT to KS for about $25.00 with DHL.com easy transaction , they even picked up at my door.
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I had my skis shipped via UPS. My X brought my skis to My UPS Store (I think that's what it's called..), and they packaged my skis very well, and my skis arrived in very good condition. I don't know how much it cost though..
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The UPS Store is VERY expensive. I had them quote shipping someskis to California - they were talking in the ballpark of $75 or more...
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Shipping UPS is expensive if you use one of their "stores" or an associated storefront shipment place. If you take the same package to a UPS terminal, it's not too bad. Fedex and DHL are similarly pric3ed ($25-30 for the shipping). Post Office might be cheaper and at least as fast.
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Just shipped skis w/bindings mounted two weeks ago - UPS store wanted $25 just to package them. Forget about it! Get some saran wrap and wrap skis together at tip, mid and tail (holds them very tight against each other and protects them from one another. I also put a piece of carboard in the middle of skis to keep the camber in natural position), get cardboard and wrap skis, packing tape and put the shipping slip inside before you package them completely. Also, if the skis are over, I think 72-76", then their is another ~$5-10 up charge. UPS cost to ship from Ca to Id was ~$37 w/ up charge.
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Shipped skis with bindings from NJ to CA for $34 using USPS Priority mail. Took 2 days (but that is rare).
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I purchased skis over web/phone. They arrived in the new shrink wrap, packaged in a cardboard wrap. I was charged $36.00 shipping by the seller.

I would advise just taping the skis together with little cardboard spacer and then wrap around some cardboard and lots of package tape.
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Tape the skis and stick them in the smallest box possible; remember that girth (W x H x 2) is just as important as length. The price explodes if you go into the "oversized" catagory. Weight is usually negligible. I recently shipped from the east coast to CO for $30 using Priority Mail.
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