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What modern rentals for old schooler?

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I have a friend who is (or used to be) a good skier. She grew up in Colorado, but she only recently skied again for the first time in about 10 years. I wasn't there, but I guess she rented some 190cm skis.. ha ha.. they must have looked at her like she was smoking crack.. I can't believe they let her walk out with 'em.

Anyway, she and I are going skiing in the morning (her second time in 10 years). She's smallish.. 5'6", 130lbs. I don't know a thing about renting skis. So, basic questions... will she have options for what skis to get (like I said, I know nothing) besides length (i.e., sidecut, width, etc)? If so, what basic parameters do I look for for a girl like this? I don't know if you'd get a big sidecut so she can go new sk00l, or get something relatively straight so she can skid around comfortably.

I want to her to be comfortable because I think it's morally wrong for someone to give up skiing, so this is my one chance to help guide her into salvation. Any tips for how I can help her out here appreciated.
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Most resort rental skis will be moderate sidecut intermediate type of equipment, not high-end, unless you go to a specialty shop. She should be able to ski to her previous "good" skier level using her previous skills on modern equipment. She just won't be making the most efficient use of it.

If she renews her attraction to skiing, she should demo some of the women's higher-end equipment and take a lesson on how to take advantage of the skis.
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get something with less sidecut, usually the inter. level stuff is fine.

lesson is a good start after she gets her legs back, Try the "W" stuff, but if she is overpressuring the tip (old style) she might like a stiffer flexing and longer ski then if she might be on normally
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Well, for what it's worth, I got her set up with some nice little salomon something-junk-er-another, 150cm, modest sidecut. She was pretty happy with them.

Today was the first time I've skied with her so I didn't know what to expect. She did okay. I took her down some harder, bumped up, blues and she slid right down them (on her skis, not her butt!). She looked kind of goofy doing it - sort of pretty well in control, rusty-as-hell-not-all-that-great-to-begin-with old-school. I think she had fun though, so maybe I can get her out for another outing before the season shuts down.
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I suggest for next time, Salomon Equipe SC at about 155, or GC at 160 depending on type of turns (Long or short), or RX8 if you can find them at the demo shop.
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