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Copied from TGR:

Stage Being Set...sitting in Truckee, bootleg Bruce CD on (a concert I was at), 2/3 the way through a bottle of Eberle 03 Paso Robles Zin, and it was 4:20 earlier...inotw, **** off to anyone who cracks my spelling or grammar

About 4 hrs from sacto last night. CalTrans, in addition to the 1 lane choke point at Applegate, had two chain control checkpoints set up, one about 10 miles out of Applegate where the road was snow. Well, a bunch of ******* gapers decide to chain up there. ****s. Another was at Alta about 15 mi. past, where there was finally some snow on the road. Anyway, at least all the semis got scared and did not see any past blue Canyon. Finally got to Truckee about 10.

Got up a little after 6 and was out of the place by 7:10. Very cold, and probably abouty 15-18" on my deck form the week. Got to Alpine just before 8 and let the coffee do its caffiene magic. Was at Summit by 8:35, looking for Freshies but didn't see him. Asked for change and got the usual strange looks. Not even a heartfelt "Leroy Jenkins" did any good.

Well surprise beyond surprise, they actually opened Summit before 9 (never seen that) and so I hopped on the chair and pretty much untracked D chutes to beyond waterfall under The Sisters. 10" last night on top of yesterday fro what I heard; faceshots were had. When I hit the line I heard someone asking for change; it turns out to be ShawnB...newcomer to the board. We do a couple more d-chutes and then traverse Wolverine to the trees and to the Sisters. Magic...we end doing probably 5 laps, eventually workinf skiers right and getting more deep. On one run I cut into the trees skiers right and came up on a porcupine...pretty cool.

We threw in a Peter's run and then a couple of times traversed above the access road and dropped onto the top of Roundhouse, with a trip over to the Tiegels which were thigh deep. That led to a couple of runs up Alpine Bowl, with a traverse to Highy yellow, which was serious money. Then to Scotts, where we did 4 laps skiers right of the chute. Got more untracked anf face shots...Sawn threw a pretty nice fron flip off a rock towards the bottom of Scotts... i did not reciprocate. Shawn...thanks for hauling ma old ass over the hill. Hope i didn't hold you back. Shawn is a good guy and an more than able ski partner.

About 2, I told Shawn I needed a break. Tried to find him again, but didnt. Finished the day lapping on Sisters and a couple of runs from Roundhouse to Gunnar's, where the snow had, in places, piled to almost waist high.

My legs are tired; my back is stiff and my 6th toe is complaining...I wouldn't have it any other way. One last thought...manchengo cheese goes really well with Zinfandel.