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Week Day Skiing Suspended

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Mad River Glen has suspended week day skiing and will remain open for weekends. I'm not sure why, but attendance has been low during the week for a while now.

Thought you should know. I have 2 freebies from Otter Creek that I want to use!
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Originally Posted by Paul Joness
I'm not sure why

Generally, ski areas cut back on hours when they want to preserve the base as much as possible. My local hill here in VA discontinued weeknight skiing starting today -- something had to give. They are promising to stay open through March for days and weekend nights.

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While that is possible it prolly has as much to do with not wanting to pay staff and utilities to run lifts for small crowds.
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MRG-pretty thin

I was there Saturday for the telemark festival. There isn't much of a base, and I heard that it rained on Sunday. I was amazed that there was any snow at all on Saturday. Only a few hundred feet lower than the base there was only a couple of inches in the woods.

The skiing was great fun on saturday, but you had to pick your way between the bare spots, especially on the lower half of the mountain.
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