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I'm a 160lb level 6 skier(am looking to make that a 7 soon!), ski 90% groomed runs, mainly blue, sometimes black. I'm looking to purchase new skis. From reading alot of posts here regarding skis, it seems that most skis recommended are "high' end $500 + ski's.(Bandits, T-Power etc). At my level of sking, do I need a top of the line ski? Will a cheaper ski do the job? I know I could demo, but I just want some idea. Is there really ALOT of difference between the middle & upper level skis? Any recomendations on "middle of the road' type skis would be appreciated.
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I think the only real difference, (or the main difference) is just stiffness. For example, rossis race slalom is the same sidecut and features as ther T-power Cobra- just stiffer. However other features as you step up sometimes include wood cores (for more pop) and plates/lifters on the ski.

I would look into atomics-9.20brc, 9.18bc, rossi T-pow cobra, bandit x, and if your adventurous, the atomic 9.12. For sure look at the volkl P 50 platinum.
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