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Twin Tip Recommendations

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I am wondering if there is a twin tip ski that will also do all mountains, including Moguls. I like Moguls, powders and steeps a lot but occasionally I'd like to play in the park also. I have looked a lot of park skis and they are just for parks. I went to see K2 Public Enemy today and found it is a bit soft, although I have never tried it before.

I know some times oil and water do not mix, but I have my dreams high.
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Fisher Atua
Volkl Karma

Alot of good twins out there. More info on yourself and where you like to ski is needed for a solid recommendation though
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I am 165 lbs, 172cm, like to ski in the west, mostly in Tahoe. Squaw, Rose, Alpine, and Kirkwood are my frequents. I am an advanced skier, ski only on the blacks, other than some times dragged into intermediates. I cannot call myself expert skier as I am still not comfortable in the narrows, trees and cliffs.

right now I am on a salomon crossmax 10 180cm
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A couple of model years old, but what about the Volkl AX3. I am on a pair of 170s. They are a solid all mountain midfat. They also meet your criteria of twintip.

This was one of the hottest skis in 2003/04. Skimag Gold medal , for what thats worth.

You can find some great deals on these on Ebay, including the odd new pair floating around.

Al's Ski Barn has them for $299:
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I just started skiing on Volkl Karmas (185cm, and I'm 6-1 225lb). I'll do a full review when I have more time on them, but I like them a lot so far. They are great all-mountain "bomber" skis you can use to do an all-out assault on challenging terrain. They are sublime in soft snow, but do OK on packed snow if you ski them hard. Very fun skis. My only reservation recommending them as an all-mtn ski is that they are too wide for graceful carving on groomers. If you don't care about that, then it's not a big deal -- the skis are fantastic otherwise.
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For where you live the two twins I would recommend looking at ar the Volkl Karma and the Fischer Rangi (formerly known as the BigStix 80). Both have great all-mountain performance, handle heavier snows well and are fun on groomers.
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I just rode my first pair of karma's last weekend. I wrote up a little review... follow the blue http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=38861
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Originally Posted by Rio
For where you live the two twins I would recommend looking at ar the Volkl Karma and the Fischer Rangi (formerly known as the BigStix 80). Both have great all-mountain performance, handle heavier snows well and are fun on groomers.
Thanks, I will demo some of the recommendations. But when I lookup Rangi, it is a woman's ski?
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Originally Posted by jackwan1
Thanks, I will demo some of the recommendations. But when I lookup Rangi, it is a woman's ski?
My screw up. It is the Riu.
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When you say you checked out the PE's, was this flexing them in a shop or demoing on snow. The reason I ask is if they are flexed in a shop, often times people flex them wrong, holding them rather vertical, in which they fell soft because it actually flexes the tip/tail not the waist, for the true flex it needs to be almost flat (resting on the contact point). If you did flex it properly, I'm surprised you found it too soft. The PE is actually one of the more stiff all mountain twins on the market.

In terms of all mountain twins that will ski well in bumps too, the PE and Karma is about as wide as you want to go in the waist. I know a lot of people also like the Volkl Dogen (I thought it was rather soft), the Line Chronic and Prophet 80 (100 would be a little wide for bumps).
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I think I flexed it wrong, as you have described. I shall demo that ski for sure.

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Length ?
don't know what to say.
In the past year I've skied decent skiis in all sizes from
150cm to 205cm's.

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I bought a pair of Salomon 1080's this year and they have been great for me. They float in the powder, cut through the crud, and provide nice soft landings off jumps.

I haven't read much on here about the 1080s, but that might be because people think they're crap -- I dig them though. I take them all over the mountain, but prefer them off the groomers.
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1080s are not an all-mountain twintip by any means. It should only be considered for serious lightweights.
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Whats better for all mountain riding with little to no park riding- the K2 PE's or the Line Prophet 80's?
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As far as 1080's go, there a good ski, but I just find em too soft and light (don't drive for me). In terms of whats better all-mountain, PE or Prophet 80, probably the PE. I ski PE's as my primary ski, and when teaching and will do everything from never evers to Double Black skiers. The Line is supposed to be a great ski, I just haven't had a chance to demo em.
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Alright thanks, I just ordered a new pair of PE's and they'll be in the mail on Monday!
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Where are you ordering them from? And what bindings are you getting with them?
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I called REI because 4Shaw told me that they had the PE on sale for $199.93 in their stores, and of all the REI stores across the nation only two in CA had the size I wanted left. So I bought a pair from the REI store in Manhattan Beach, CA and they are going to send them to me next week. Only downside is that it is considered a store purchase, and CA sales tax is 8.325%. Their $26 shipping is not bad, but the tax adds $17, so the total was $244.41. That's still a lot better price than I found anywhere else, though- Including Ebay. By the way, you cannont find them on the REI website, the only way to get them is to call the store itself. Here are the phone numbers if you are interested (these are the two stores that had 174's).

REI Manhattan Beach, CA 1-310-727-0728
REI Huntington Beach, CA 1-714-379-1938

I'm thinking about getting the Rossignol Axial2 120 Ti Pro's mounted on them, but I'm waiting for feedback from a thread I started to find out if they would work well.
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did you find any 164 or 161's somewhere else?
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Here are some 164's for some decent prices. If you call one of the REI stores they can search the inventory data bases of all the REI stores across the country and find a store for you that has some 161's or 164's then give you that store's phone number. Hope this helps. Took me 3 months to find a good deal like the one I just got........

http://skibuckmans.com/product_view....=248& id=1860
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thanks. you can't beat that 199 price anywhere men.. not even on Ebay. I am bidding on that PE 164 with bindings, but I am sure I can't get it at a price as low as yours.

BTW, do not f*** around with your bindings, go to a store buy one that fits and let them mount it for you.
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I am going to wait. I am going over to Mammoth next week and see if I can find some demo PE's to try. Huntington Beach is about an hour from me so maybe they will still have them or maybe not. But I will be more sure once I ski them. I am still researching other skis too.

Thanks for the info.
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Only problem is that many twin twip's are not released as demo's because of people demo'ing the skis and then hitting rails all day destroying the ski, however, some places will demo them to adults, but may not make it readily known that they demo twin tips.
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I already checked a place in Mammoth and they have the PE to demo, though I am starting to steer away from them. I may pick up a pair of Enemy's for $150 and use those in the park.
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damn, was in Kirkwood for two days. Tried to demo Karma in 169 and Public Enemy, but they only have Karma in 185 and AC4 in 177, both would be too long for me, even though I am on Salomon CM 10 180. So I kept my $46.:
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Pocket rockets are excellent in the bumps
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If you are really into moguls Dynastar, Salomon and Rossi make mogul specfic versions of their park skis. These are narrow waisted soft skis. If you like to land switch on thirty footers the tails will fold faster than super man on laundry day. My advice would be to stay away from 1080's and look into a Karma or an AR5. Trouble Makers may not be a bad choice and you can pick up older pairs for cheap. 180$ on backcounty.com
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What size Public Enemy do you ride? How tall/weight are you? Thanks..! I am 6' 198lbs..level 8 and considering the 07' PE from K2 as an addition, as my reading shows..what you are saying..that theyare more of the stiffer twin tip for more all mtn. use...is the tail pulled up an average amt. from your perspective? or like the Mantra...say semi pulled?

Pls. advise..thanks!
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