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Amc 73 Or Rossi B1- B2 ?

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Guys ,
I need some help with a ski purchase .
I am an intermiate skier ( 5 - 6 years) and ski about 15 to 20 times a year)
I ski 90 of time on a small hill 650 vertical with only natural snow in Quebec (the Laurentians), thus ice and crusty snow is quite common.

I am stuck between purchasing

1) AMC 73 FISCher 164 Wood core (118 -73- 105)
2)Rossi bandit B1 160 last years model ( 109-70-99) foam core
3)Bandit 2 this years model 116-78-105
Microcell Base
I would like to keep the skis for atleast 5 years since it is a big investment
but am having difficulty making up my mind
I have demoed the amc and the b1 both seem great , withn the b1 easier to do bumps , but the amc seems to carve and feel more secure

i need to make a decision very soon
My 2001 elan airtwist are finished , the edges came completely off
and I've got to take my kids to ski school

Thanks a million
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The elan airtwist I must say were horrible and I want to avoid making a mistake
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Hi Zimmy,

I would trust your demo impressions. My teenagers are using the Fischer Big Stix 72 (a precursor to the AMC 73) with good results. They find it has good grip on ice and is responsive without being difficult to use.

Hope that helped,

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I have this year's Rossi B2 and LOVE it.

RealSkiers website gave the B2 the nod for all mountain ski of the year. I trust their reviews and that's part of the reason I went with this year's B2. Others will have different opinions though.

I would suggest you narrow it down to 2 skis and demo them both and then decide. For what it's worth, most major ski companies make great skis and it seems like there are subtle differences here and there. I have gone progressively fatter with my skis and like the extra stability and versatility. I have not really noticed any loss in edgehold or quickness.

IMHO, ski length and fore/aft binding placement make more difference between skis.

You'll love whatever you get compared to what you have now. Good luck and enjoy your new skis, whatever they are!
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B2 all the way
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I like my B2s too. They are a mellow, ski anything that's white ski, but not for GS racing, cliff jumping or lift line macho. A Rossi rep said to sharpen the edges to a 2 degree side bevel. I have not tried them in ankle-deep spring slop or powder over two feet though.
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Have you thought about a model with a thinner waist?
Given what you ski , I don't believe you need a 78mm waist but would probably be better off with something between 66 and 69mm.
Hw about a Fischer, Volkl, Head or Atomic cross type ski.
Cross skis are versatile and have a lot better hold on ice.
The wider waist ski craze really seems to be getting overdone.
It's not that the skis are bad, but many times they tend not to be the most appropriate ski for what the skier is using them for.
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