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Snowboard Bindings - Mounting Fee?

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Hey - so recently my binding plates arrived (for Flow FL-55) and I brought my snowboard (Burton Fish) in to have the bindings mounted... The store I went to said that they'd mount the bindings for free, even though I didn't buy my board/bindings/anything from their store. The guy said it would only take him 5 minutes, so he'd feel bad charging me for it. So I felt bad getting free stuff and ended up having them sharpen/wax my board for me.. since I needed that done anyway...

My question is do you guys all mount your bindings yourself?... or do you bring them into a store?..... and if you do... do they charge you $? I know another store around here charges $25 CDN ($21.50 US-ish) ...
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the bindings typically come with nice instructions. watch out for the guy at the shop setting them up.....they put your stance wherever they like to ride their stance....
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Because ski bindings release, there is liability involved in mounting ski bindings. Because traditional binding mounting required drilling holes in the ski, there was risk involved in ruining the ski if the mounting was done incorrectly. Because of these extra costs associated with the task, it was appropriate to charge $$$ for mounting. Some shops will charge for mounting snowboard bindings because there is a "mount bindings" charge on the price list.

Because it's easy to spend 5 minutes arguing about it or 5 more minutes making the sale and there's no liability or risk involved, it's easy for a smart shop to not charge for snowboard binding mounting for exactly the reason you've shown. The practice more than pays for itself in terms of repeat or add on business. An even smarter shop will also offer to show you how to do it yourself and encourage you to experiment with different stance set ups. Most riders don't know all of the hows and whys that are possible with their bindings (e.g. highback angle). Better adjusted riders are happier riders. Happier riders spend more $$$ in the long run.

I mount my own bindings. I usually dismount (sic) them for air transport. But I'm not above asking questions when I try a new model (especially step ins). Some of these things can get tricky and non-obvious even with directions.
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I have never paid for a shop to mount my bindings. Then again generally I do it myself. It's easy to do and there are hundreds of ways to set them. Not too mention the stance you start out with may need tweaking and it's relatively easy to do in the field. All you need is a screwdriver.
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the only professionals who should ever charge mounting fees are hookers.
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I'm a slicer not a hooker!
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