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Help with New Skis

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New to this forum. Looks like a lot of interesting advice on skis, so I thought you all might help me out.

I'm 42, 160 pounds, level 8, type III skier who skis in Colorado. I like bumps and have been skiing Mary Jane, Resolution and Alpine lifts at Copper, Aspen Highlands Deep Temerity and Pali at the Basin. I'll go into the bowls for powder and also really like the trees if not too tight (Johnstone Junction at Mary Jane). I usually don't ski too fast, except for long turns on groomers. I do not go into the park and avoid air if possible excpet for occasional cornice shots.

Last year was the first year I really demo'd skis and found such a difference from the crap I had before. I was amazed that the same side cut/shape ski so differently from brand to brand and how much I noticed the side cut diff in same brand (B1 vs B2 and Recon vs X). Some of the skis I have tried the last two years are:

Apache Recon
Apache X
Apache Crossfire
Public Enemy (2006)
Rossi B1 (2005)
Rossi B2 (2005 and 2006)
Rossi B3 (2006)
Big Stix
Volkl 724
Trouble maker (2005)
Dynastar 8000
Dynastar 4800

Overall I have liked the B2 (2006) as the best all mountain ski I've tried. The Apache Recon was also a good all mt ski. I had a great day on the Trouble Maker with 10 inches of powder at Snowmass Campground area and liked it a lot but thought maybe a bit too soft. I did not like the Volkl or Big Stix but both with bad conditions at Steamboat and Telluride. The B1's were fine on hard pack, but not fat enought for me overall. The Dynastars were too stiff for me, but also poor snow that day. I liked the Public Enemy with 8 inches of fresh over hard pack at Copper. I heard they are really more of an all mt ski than a park ski and noted that the side cut is diff this year - about 5 mm wider at all sites. I have not tired the atomics - see a lot of fans of those here. I tired the B3's at Keystone Outback yesterday with 6-7 inches over melted hard pask and was surprised at how nimble these bigs skis were. Badger had good snow and these cut right through the crud and actually carved on the fresh groomer at 4pm.

I am looking for an all around ski that will take me over the Mt, off piste and good through the bumps. I will also probably get a powder ski in adddition (B3 or Seth Vicious perhaps). I have a demo card so will be trying new skis all the time. I have a week at Crested Butte at the end of March and will be skiing Winter Park early April and A-Basin til early May. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

lenghts have been from 160 (too short) to approx 179 (a bit too long). I've been in the 167-174 range in most of these skis. I tend to go shorter as I stay in the bumps a lot.
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My suggestion is that you decide.

You are the best to make that decision based on all the skis you've demoed recently. Knowone here knows your likes and skiing style better than yourself.

Most of what you'll get from the people here will be hype about the ski that person owns. In other words, they are gonna tell ya how great their skis are and why they are the best. Brand loyality.

Me, I'm a Rossi B2 and B3 owner. So, I'm gonna say buy those. They are good for me but what about you? I don't know. I'll recommend size though. Go for a 174/176. Best for all around, bumps and float in pow and crud.
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