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Carve Plate questions

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Hi, I'm back to skiing after too many years away. Feels good to be on the hill.

I have a pair of Atomic SX7s that are 2 years old. They are my beaters & have Atomic Centro 310 demo bindings on them.

Here's the question.....I'm not familiar with Carve Plates & need some help. I want to take the Centro 310s off & put Carve Plate on & drill it for a pair of Atomic ESS bindings.

Is this do-able ?

1.Are Carve Plates specific to Bindings or are there universal ones?

2. I assume the Carve Plate allows the ski to flex under the binding

2. What Carve plate will fit the Atomics & could be drilled where ever I need to mount my bindings?
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Ahh im not really sure what your asking...but most carve plates are specefic to either the bindings or skis that your on. The carve plate is there to put you that much higher up on the skis to allow even less lateral movement of your lower body to get the ski on edge. Im not sure if it allows the ski to flex under the bikding, because it does that either way...Id call atomic and have them mounted by the shop you go to unless you really know what your doing.
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