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Copper, about April 8th

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Can anyone tell me what Copper is typically like around April 8th. Contemplating a weekend trip with kids. Assume coverage will not be an issue this year. Wondering about :
1. what are typical snow conditions (i.e., slush/frozen granular, or do temps. usually stay cool enough)?
2. Are all food services still open (Jacks)?
3. Do sections of the mountain close (e.g., Resolution or others)
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1. April 8th is usually sweet spring corn. I've also had wonderful powder days.
2. The only major food closure by April 8th will be Copper Station. Union Creek, Solitude, Jack's, etc will all be open.
3. I don't think there's any plans to close any terrain at this point.

Also, keep checking the website because there will be concerts on both Sat and Sunday. There might be some really good bands.
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Thanks, Vinn, for the info. Appreciated!
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