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Snowbird runs/Condo rental question

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This is my first time I am going out west. Appreciate any help/comments in advance...

1) I am going to rent a condo through vrbo.com. The owner asked me to sign a rental contract (with a check, of course) to confirm the reservation. The contract looks just like a simple apartment lease, it indemnifies the owner from any guest liabilities on site, pay reasonable fees to cover damages and attorney's fees for any funds owed by guests to the owner, blah blah blah. Is this typical for all condo rentals? I just feel a little skittish signing a legal document for a vacation! (although I know if I book a hotel room I am probably agreeing to some stringent terms hidden from the fancy brochures...)

2) One of my friends need to rent boots and skis for the whole stay (4 days), it probably makes sense to rent from a non-resort ski equipment store since we might be hopping resorts. We will be staying at Sandy. Does anyone has suggestions for rental stores with good service?

3) Are there such a thing as easy blue trails in Snowbird? If there are can you pls point them out? My friends are level 7/8 skier but I am only a level 5/6. I hope to practice some runs on my own (safely, of course)

Thanks a lot!
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Chips run off the top is a blue that winds it's way down the whole mountain. You can get a good look at the terrain from it. You're friends can jump off it into steeper terrain then meet you farther down. You might find that you can ski steeper terrain than you are used to due to the quality of the snow. I ski things there that I won't here due to ice and sketchy conditions. If you stick to the trail map and stay on the marked blues you can't go wrong as they aren't very steep. Black runs tend to be steeper than east coast ones. The layout of the mountain pretty much allows you to see what you are going to get you're self into. The bowls are another story though. To access them you usualy have to get on a cat track which is a very narrow traverse that leads you into them. I would stay off those as they can be a little tricky. Then again you might want to kick it up a notch. Oh, stay away from trees. Tree wells which form around the base of trees can be very deep. Some people almost drown in them. Snowbird is one of the best mountains in the world, you won't believe how amazing it is. Where do you usualy ski?
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Thank you. I see that you live in Long Island. I live in NY too - the only places I have been for the past 4 years are Hunter/Bellayre/Mountain Creek - nooooo I don't ski, I skate with my skis on here! And don't even get me started on how warm it is here today : Have to cancel trip to Hunter this weekend

So you'd say the Chip Run's difficulty level is pretty consistent through the entired run? Also if I ski the groomers on the Mineral Basin and don't want to ski back to the base at the end of the day, does the tram allow you to ride down the mountain (I know typical ski lifts won't, but I see the ride to the top of the mountain is marked as a "tram", I am envisioning a large cable car in my mind)

And if anyone has suggestions/comments for question 1 and 2 I would appreciate it!
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I have a condo that I rent out Deer Valley area. We use short term leases to protect ourselves and it also provides the (short term) tenant with rights as well. The lease helps us ensure compliance with the condo rules and regulations, also the limited formality helps to avoid those that might not respect that the condos are usually someone's vacation home. If you would like to check out the lease we use, pm me and I will provide you the ULR to my web site. Enjoy your trip. Flaskier
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At Snowbird, the terrain off the Gadzoom chair is good for most intermediates. I would go there before riding the tram.

One thought for Mineral Basin is to get the AltaBird combined ticket. You could ski Alta, which has plenty of terrain for intermediates, and then access Mineral Basin from Alta. One reason to do this is it drops you into Snowbird right by the Baldy lift, which serves the easy groomers in Mineral Basin. (You can access Mineral Basin from other places too, but IMO this is the easiest, in terms of terrain. Plus, Alta's worth a visit for skiers of your ability level.)
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I think you can ride it down, don't see why not. I'm prolly going to hit Hunter Sunday, even if it rains, well as long as it's not pouring.
Since you have never been out west, some tips are in order.
Buy a camelback, you will need to stay hydrated. The altitude is going to affect you, keep drinking water all day every day. Feeling dizzy, take a break. These areas are huge, be prepared to be exhausted, in a good way of course. If you like real beer you need to buy it at a state liquor store. Everything else is 3.5% and doesn't taste the same. Bring some type of granola bars with you while skiing. You're going to burn calories like crazy. Snowbird had double the vertical of Hunter and 15 to 20 times the terrain. Have fun. When are you going. I'll be out there 3/25 to 3/29. And like the Dr. says Alta is a must.
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look at the map, stay off Chips on the left side of the mountain, most of the way down you are in glorious scenery, but the top and bottom is a narrow track you might be fairly uncomfortable on it, until you get your legs and become familiar with conditions.

Stick with the Gad lifts to start. From Gadzoon Quad ski down and take Gad II up, Gad II has some very nice intermediate blues, check the map, ski down to Little Cloud Lift and look up, aka skiers heaven on earth, but not for you, yet. Mid Gad and Gadzoom side is very nice for intermediates.

Once you get your legs, take the tram up and on a clear day go WOW!!! 360 All Around. Go down Chips, it's narrow in parts, you'll need good parallel or firm snowplow to keep your speed in check. look at your map and don't stray from Chip's. Also from the tram you can go down Baldy Express, excellent Intermediate Blue area with huge, dramatic scenery, don't miss it. But check your map. The bowl might be difficult with the wrong conditions.

Once you get your parallel and confidence down, maybe day 3 or 4, Regulator Johnson off the tram or Little Cloud Lift. It's steep but sweetly groomed and stays so all day long.

And, of course check out Alta for at least a day while you are up in skiers paradise! Combined ticket is a waste of $$$, there is plenty to ski at either resort for the day.

If you are lucky enough to get some powder, don't be afraid to learn how to ski it. (hint: ski powder with both skis doing exactly the same thing, almost)

yes, drink, drink, drink. and staying down low is a good idea! ski high, stay low. you'll sleep and feel better.

Rental: Sure the base of the Big Cottonwood has Canyon Sports(I think that's the name), they'll have everything you need, plus discount lift tickets. Next to Canyon Inn, nightspot.
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Thanks a lot everyone! Hopefully my skills will improve on this trip, also persuade a boarder friend to ski for a day so we can go to Alta (he is still a better skier than I am) Lastly, is there a "restaurant strip" in Sandy that most of the eateries congregate? Or are they pretty much spread out? Any restaurant recommendations?
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On the rental agreement issue: I've done this with every VRBO condo I've used. I think it's pretty standard and yes, when you sign in at check in at a hotel, you're signing a rental agreement.

On restaurants in Sandy, I haven't been there in 4 years, so I'm sure things have changed - that place is growing! There's tons of places around South Towne Center (mall). For something unique, try Sweet Tomatoes. It's a chain that specializes in salads but it's all-you-can eat and their soups are pretty substantial. Sweet Tomatoes is near the Gart Sports on the State Street side of STC. STC is adjacent to I-15 at 10600 South and has State street on the east side. Further north on State, there's a theater complex that has a Mexican restaurant that's kind of like Kahunaville or Rain Forest Cafe except they actually have a high diving act (think Acapulco) inside the restaurant. I don't remember the food, but the show was entertaining. Unfortunately, I also don't remember the name of the restaurant.
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