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K2 vs Atomic

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Which is quicker edge to edge. The K2 Axis X Pro vs the K2 XP vs Atomic 11:16? Which one handles ice better? Which is faster?
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Have not had any time on the Atomic but the Axis X Pro would be faster edge to edge than the Axis XP.
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Generaly edge to edge quickness is determined by how wide the waste of the ski is. The wider it is usaually means slower edge to edge than a skinnyer waste ski. Atomics have always been known for great ability on ice. Which is faster depends on who is on top of the ski's!!
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I can't speak from experience but the 11.16 should be much quicker and better on ice than the other two. They'd all be very stable at speed. The atomics are completely different skis than the k2's though. The 11.16 is a carving ski, not designed for powder like the k2's are. If you're looking for an atomic more similar to the two, you might be interested in the 11.20. I'm sure you can find a post comparing those to the two k2's.
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