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The ski with six edges?

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Looks like a pretty bad idea to me...
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I notice that the power glide feature is optional on the race skis. Wonder why!:
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It looks like the reverse of the old grooves in the bases. I hope someone tries these and reports back!
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What The ****?
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How are you supposed to do a tune?

There are no US dealers .... so we will never know.
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Pivot slip? Ice?
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Actually, there is a US dealer. http://www.kneisslski.com/ I am trying to get a demo pair of the Super Motos. Anyone tried 'em?

They don't list those crazy skis on the US site though. Either we're too close-minded for the skis, or we're too smart for them. I'm not sure which...
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I hope they can make a come back. They have a reputation for great high quality, high performance skis. They recently emerged from a difficult financial reorganization that resulted in, among other things, the divestiture of their ski boot boot line which included the famed Flexon.
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For years the French have led in stupid gimmicks usually in the Dynastar or Salomon lines. Who can forget Rossignols VAS dampening plates that loved to fall off or Dynastars baby bumper tips or Salomons exterior stiffening arms. Apparently the Austrians feel a need to forgo solid engineering to compete.
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Those Salomon arms were/are not a gimmic... at least at the time.
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I'd like to try 'em out. Who knows, they could be fun.
I don't see how tuning would be much harder.. maybe for a grind, but not for waxing/sharpening
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I have tried the SuperMoto model both with and without the Power Glide feature. The "normal" model is a very good ski - similiar to the Head 1100SW, both in construction and characteristics. The Power Glide version felt awful. They did the exact opposite of what they are supposed to - edgehold felt a lot worse.
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when you flatten the ski for pure speed does it keep the skiis in a positive straight track and maybe help with the wobble that occurs with flat bottom , large shovel skiis?
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Fascinating. Impressive. But you are not a Jedi Yet!

First you make skis have a super sidecut so they are all squirrelly, and then you sell runners to put on the bottom to counter that.

I really like the idea of having two sidecuts, one for long cruizer turns and one for short turns. I hypothesize that it will work too, provided that you don't try and make any serious LR turns. You can use the side cut radius when it's up on a big edge angle, and the runner's side cut with low angles. THE TWO PROBLEMS are that the runners do not provide enough edge for serious high-g LR turns, and you would be at a steep angle for high speed LR turns and then the side cut radius would kick in. In fact for me these skis would be downright dangerous.:
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Does it keep the skis in a positive straight track? No. Does it help with wobble? No. In fact, the "regular" version of the SuperMoto wobbles very little when run flat, maybe because of the "GS-ish" sidecut and flex. I wouldn't call the runners dangerous, but they felt somewhat unpredictable...
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