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Is it necessary ?

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Do you need to do anything other than a 0 - 0 degree edge sharpening on a recreational ski? Is it worth doing an edge bevel?
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Not all skis come with 0 - 0. At the very least, I'd maintain the factory bevel as that's the way they designed the ski and it certainly will affect ski behavior. If you ski hardpack and ice, a sharp ski is critical. If not, then you could go a long time between sharpenings.
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As I understand it, you should never ski a 0 degree base bevel- it should be 1 degree for most skis (some slalom skis may use 0.75). And a 1 degree side bevel will help you as well. Most recreational skis for beginnners or intermediates will be 1/1. I have never heard of maintaining 0/0 for any ski. Advanced skiers will often be happier on 1/2, and all Atomics are factory spec'ed at 1/3.
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Nowadays, every manufacturer has recommended bevels for the base and side edges.

I still do seasonal rentals for my 12 year old, and although we got him very good quality (used) equipment, the skis came tuned 0/0. He had no problem skiing this way, but was much happier after I reset the bevels to 1/2.
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thanks for all the input. Looks like I'm going with 1/1.
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Originally Posted by bj-99
thanks for all the input. Looks like I'm going with 1/1.
At least tell us what type of ski you are on. And, yes it makes a difference.
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Originally Posted by Paul Joness
At least tell us what type of ski you are on. And, yes it makes a difference.
Yes. And what kind of snow conditions you most often will likely encounter e.g. ice, western packed powder, etc.
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I have a new pair of Head c220,haven't skied yet, & Atomic SX7. I"m taking the Heads to Utah next week. The Atomics are the ones I was getting ready to tune. What is the factory angle on the Head ski?
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I think Head skis factory specs are 1 degree base and degree side. However, from the factory the bevels on skis are not always consistent along the length of the ski as they should be. www.tognar.com contains a list of common manufacturers bevel settings. As far as I'm aware, only some race stock skis now come with no bevel to allow the racer to set them to their own personal preference. In the straight ski days, zero degree bevels were much more common.

1 degree base and 2 degrees side is a common bevel setting for a lot of recreational skiers in the West. A more conservative approach might be to start with the factory specs making sure that they are in fact a true 1&1. You can always easily change the side bevel to 2 or 3 degrees if you want more edge grip. I maintain a 1 degree base and 3 degree side bevel on most of my skis. In the end, it's all about personal preference.
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1 base, 3 side on all Atomics is factory spec
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