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Originally Posted by Mr. Crab
Park City,Yesterday, about two miles from Brighton as the crow flies!
What matters is as the cloud flies
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Originally Posted by Lodro
Yeah I mean I am kind of in agreement with both views. Certainly is you stay on low angle stuff in amongst the trees you really aren't taking that great a risk. But here we have stuff that is 'just outside of the boundaries' that has killed a significant number of people. I have had clear intermediate skiers at the top of 9990 on fairly dangerous days ask me looking out at all the fresh tracks, "how do I get over there"? I don't need to mention that they had no avy gear or training. Now I don't know much about the terrain that is immeidatly accessible from Brighton lifts..I know there is some hairy stuff in the vicinity, but the fact that it is lift-seved gives me pause -- at least at the Canyons you have to hike a bootpack. OTOH I suppose you can go to the other extreme and scare people away from doing anything that is adventurous. I like the idea of the Interconnect tour -- there are also guide outfits (I know you can get a guide right at Alta) that would be great for an adventure like that.
At least ask where to go before skiing it. I didn't mean to blindly plunge into the backcountry. And don't do it if your not comfortable in at least black trees and capable of double black trees. If you do this, it pretty safe.
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Originally Posted by BobbyChicken
At least ask where to go before skiing it. I didn't mean to blindly plunge into the backcountry. And don't do it if your not comfortable in at least black trees and capable of double black trees. If you do this, it pretty safe.

: : : That is NOT enough. Just ask the folks that triggered these if being able to ski the terrain made it "pretty safe":


Please, do those of us that go into the BC a favor and stay away from us, as you clearly pose not only a danger to yourself, but to us too.

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BobbyChicken is the man.
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Addendum #3

- Snowbasin some tend to gripe when Strawberry & Porcupine & Middle Bowl & the tram are shut due to light airs perhaps freshening to a breeze. : :
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Originally Posted by jamesdeluxe
BobbyChicken is the man.
funny, that's what i was just thinking!!! GO BOBBY GO!
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Where else is there good lift served BC besides Brighton?
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Originally Posted by Powdr
To summarize from the many posts:

- Alta is heaven for skiers only and is by far the most popular choice to skiers on this forum. Sucks for boarders tho.
- Snowbird is SBD's favorite. He thinks it skis bigger than Alta.
- Solitude is well liked by all, and doesn't seem to garner any bad comments. Honeycomb canyon is thought of by many to be a near-Back Country experience.
- Brighton is full of punk boarders. No one ever seems to comment on the terrain/snow, which is actually pretty good.
- The Canyons seems to have good terrain and sometimes snow, but nobody likes the lower mountain layout and being accosted by timeshare salespersons as they take the long walk to the Gondola.
- PCMR is either loved or hated, nothing in between. PC locals chose it over the other PC areas for the bowls and better terrain up above.
- Deer Valley is very much liked for its food and buffed runs. The secret is also out that it is one of the best places to ski when there is powder. Nobody seems to like fishbowl feeling of skiing by the trophy homes on some of the runs.
- Snowbasin is cool to say that 'it is my favorite Utah mountain'. Everybody loves the long fast lifts and huge day lodges. Some complain about the exposure and low base elevation.
- Powder Mountain is also cool to say 'my favorite powder ski area'. Some complain about rinky dink facilities and slow long lifts.

So there you have it. Choose wisely.

I think that pretty much nails it.

Love everything about Alta. Scenery, terrain. Facilities are just right. Not too small, not too snobby, never been there when it was exceptionally crowded.

Snowbird's layout at the main parking lot/lodge stinks if you don't like buses and trams. If you hate the sardine can feeling, (like I do), and you don't have to rent, then make sure you drop off at the first parking lot on the way up.

Although I like Honeycomb Canyon, overall I like Brighton better than Solitude. Never had too much problem with boarders at Brighton.

Skiing's good, but hate the layout/sales pitch at Canyons. We don't go there anymore because of it.

Deer Valley food is great. The mountain's not as spectacular (view-wise) as some of the other mountains.

Snowbasin is good, but my friend who grew up there will no longer go after it got bought out by the Sun Valley crowd. He's convinced they ruined it by "upscaling". He thinks it's too snobby now.

Powder Mtn is nice as well. The lifts at Powder are indeed slow and weirdly layed out. And the facilities are indeed "dinky". But fun skiing.
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