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My cat skiing experience with a touch of CB!

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My buddy invites me to go out to Colorado with him this year. We've done trips in the past to Utah and Vermont, But Colorado...This was where I've wanted to go for years!
As we're in the airport, Matt says he's starting to feel a little sick. A runny nose, his ears wont pop...Ya know the usual thing to expect when you wait all year to do something. We go from Scranton-Philly-Denver-Gunnison. 12 hrs later...:
First day of skiing at Crusty Butt was good. About 4" of freshies. Not too much, but enough to keep a smile on our faces as we explore. We decide to try Bananna. We had to ask ourselves "Why are we only the second and third set of tracks on this run?". Well son, I guess other people don't want to ski anything fun! It was a great run and we really were the second and third on it at 2 in the afternoon! We decided to hike to Spellbound Bowl...I live at 900' ASL (above sea level) hiking for 25 minutes at 11,500 doesn't go over too good with my brain. Good run, but the last for the day as I want to save myself for tomorrows day of cat skiing at Monarch.
Uhggg. . . . 5 in the morning we roll out of bed. 6:15 we're on the road. It's the flattest, most boring drive of you're life until you're about 20 minutes away. The Rockies start to shoot up and you start to gain elevation to the Continental Divide. The views are awesome the whole ride up. And as soon as we crest the Divide, the sun is shining through an opening in the morning clouds right on three peaks with 4" of new snow. It looked awesome! Matt and I can feel the burn this early cause of the altitude and the day before. We slowly go inside and start downing a gallon of water each. As we're waiting a very nice chick started to talk to us about the cat and stuff. Meanwhile, in comes our guide. "Rob, Matt?" That's us! Chad was his name. We ask Chad if we are the only two (after all, he did know our names). Sure enough! Two guides for two skiers! We get our beacons and ticket and are told to take the lift to the top and the cat will be there. The cat had a delay... So the patrol pulled us up with the snowmobile. The sun is out in full force and it's 30 deg. Beautiful! Every run Kelly (our other guide) or Chad would "cut" a line to see if anything was going to slide. They introduced us to Zero thru 5. All chutes they named. At one point we get half way down and Chad's standing there. Matt (tele)skis in right behind me. Chad tells us they didn't cut this next chute (either 4 or 3) but one of us can have it. It's 40-41* steep. Matt tells me to go for it. Whithout hesitating I dive in. Swoosh, turn, turn, turn, and out of the corner of my eyes I see snow running faster than me! As I start my next turn The sluff pulls the skis out from under me! My hips just touch the ground while still in motion and I threw in the next turn instead of sitting it out! Seven turns in pure waterfall sluff! Heaven! By the end of the day we hit 22 runs. Our guides said it was only the second time this year they broke 20. I felt like Monarch was my second home. It only has 1,100' vert, but it is an awesome mountain. The terrain is steep, the tree skiing is awesome and the guides kicked ass! Being that there was only 2 of us, they could have limited us to 12 runs and called it quits right there, or called us up and cancelled our tour and said come tomorrow. But they didn't. They let us have fun for a day. It was one of my top 5 days of skiing for sure. Aceman
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Sounds like a nice trip, any pictures?
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Yea. Quite a fiew. But I can't post them from work. I'll try to put some up in a couple days, as I wont be around this weekend due to my Senior patrol test.
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the title had me thinking you were into some retro 'convoy' cold-fusion-mumbo-jumbo there, 'good buddy'.....
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Wow... Twilight zone. My buddy (Jim) just got back from doing the exact same trip.
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We didn't do the cat skiing part of your trip, but we did just return from Crested Butte (Feb. 23-28). Sounds like you had a great time! I know we did , even though we didn't get any fresh snow while we were there. It snowed the day before we got there and the day after we left. : But hard to complain about five days of bluebird skies and temps in the 30s...and suntans. First time we've ever been to CB and definitely plan to go back again soon.

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Monarch is such a gem. That is really kewl that you got so many runs in on the cat. Some of the best snow in the state falls in that area, imo.
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Maybe chute 4 at Monarch. 40-41* as told by Kelly and Chad.
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"The Money Shot"

A view off the top of the Continental Divide!
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