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Today was an epic day at Alta. Face shots just walking from the car. The road closed shortly after I made it up the canyon--a private powder land for the few people who made it up the mountain.

I had the good fortune to pick up some powder tips while riding the lifts with locals. One guy had some seriously duct-taped gloves and good advice. (His gloves looked like they were made completely out of duct tape.) I've been looking for a way to get out of the backseat in powder. He gave me some suggestions that helped a great deal. Feeling an even balance on my feet, with boots under me. (There is a certain way your feet will feel when everything is working right--ankles flexed forward in a way that is only possible with your feet under you.) Shoulders forward. Another local suggested that I keep my hands in front of me.

Thanks for the tips mystery locals--they helped a ton.

The best part of the day was feeling guilty at around noon. Thought I would go home for some work, but found out that the road was still closed. Crap--had to ski for a couple more hours in deep powder. My legs were shot by the end of the day, but the smile on my face was bigger than when I purchased the season's pass.