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Tahoe Conditions

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How are the roads getting to Tahoe. Considering flying in for the weekend.
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here's the best page for getting chain info, etc.:


Currently, most of the roads are fine. A few chain required areas but it looks decent. This weekend could be an entirely different story though...
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Here is a link to the weather forcast:

Its dumping, so chains are probably required, depending where you are coming from.

You can check road conditions here:

Good luck getting up there, I am staying in San Fran this weekend. If these next few days are anything like last weekend, you will be in for some epic turns.
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If you are Flying into Reno? You will be ok. If you rent an SUV.

You reed an SUV. Buget @ the Reno Airport has The Ford escape (midsize) for a good price. All of them are 4WD with snow tires, (They are ski cars) for driving up to Tahoe.

We have been getting allot of snow here of late, lots of storms comming
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its day to day now. if a big storm just came through overnite and hangs around the next day, chains can be req., but its only taking about a 1/2 day for the main roads to be dry and at highway speeds this time of year once the sun pops out.
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