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Head Worldcup SL Ti vs Dynastar Stc vs Atomic 9.16

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I tried the Dynastar stc last year and loved it at high speed,scary when you screw up but held on ice really well.
I allready have a pair of Head Monstercross for pow,so i´m mainly looking for hard snow performance.
From what i´ve read the atomic and dynastar are more "racy" and less forgiving than the head.
This year Head sl is the same ski as last´s.
How does it behave at GS?
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Well, the Head ski you mention is the slalom one, so it might not fare the best at GS. Plenty of World Cuppers use both the Head and the Atomic, I haven't seen too many on Dynastars. As for forgiveness, I would think the Dynastar would be the most forgiving, at least thats what most reviews say (softer tail than the Head or Atomic). It's your decision, but I would go with the Atomic or Head, unless you can find a great deal on the Dynastar (which there are over where I am). Actually, after further reading the Dynastar looks like killer too, damn tough choice too many good sticks on the market.

You should also take a look at Fischer and Stockli race skis, they're also very highly rated.

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I´m not privy to "insider" ski racing info,but i´ve been told more than once that what the pros ride are race room skis,hand-made at a handful of workshops and them stamped with whatever brand sponsors that skier.
So what we see used in the world cup is what they want us too see...
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The race skis that Stockli sells are the same as the ones that are used on the worldcup. Not sure about the others, but the skis they sell are pretty stiff so I can't imagine the WC skis would be too much stiffer..
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Personally I don't like atomic. I find they feel hallow and kind of tinny on hard pack.
-I tried the stc in a 160 last year and it felt pretty good. I was free skiing and skiing couses. Great edge grip nice snap. I didn't really find it that harsh on mistakes. GS it didn't feel so good. It didn't feel solid free skiing GS( though that was probably due to the length).

-I also tried the 02 Head SL ski in 160 and 170. Yes it is the same as the 01 ski but they have found new words to describe it's technology. As I've said in other posts this is my pick for SL ski of the year both this year and last. I skied them in courses and free skiing. Both lenghts were very quick and had great edge grip. I found that they felt a little more solid then the Dynastars. They preformed beautifully in course, SL and GS freeskiing. I think they would be the ones to go with.

Hight:6 feet
snow conditions: eastern hard pack

Hope this helps.
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I have the Head Cyber WC Slalom Ti in a 180 and I love it. I use it as an all mountain ski -- up until boot high. It's not much good in deeper snow, but does pretty well in powder chop.

I love it in bumps because they're so quick and they obviously carve well. Here's what Peter Keelty had to say about the 00/01 model:

"If the industry could make but one expert ski, this would be a top contender. Not for skiers less than expert, it’s as close to a universal ski as we’ve ever seen. Quick edge-to-edge, powerful big-turn carver, everything else. Even not bad in deeper snow, one of the top expert skis of the year".

I wish it came in a 187 though, but that's just me ranting about my "short ski thang".
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MattW, have you tried the Volkl? Let me know if you have compared. Seems like it has similar construction to Head (wood with Ti cap). I like Volkls because they don't seem to get knocked around much on rough ice, but seem to take a bit more muscle to turn though. I am also a little weary of the Atomic because it is so lite, but I am considering it.
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I Have a pair of P40SL (2000) in a 177. They ski like all other Volkl skis. Beautiful on ice and great for GS. They were a little long for new slalom. I also had a few runs on the 01 in a 163. It felt pretty good. It held well but wasn't the snappiest SL ski out there. I'm still getting the P50 in a 163. I'd definalty take it before a rossi, salomon or atomic but I like the Head more. They really had everything. The Volkl gets the job done but the head makes it fun.
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I think i´ll go with the Head WorldCup.The Atomics i tried last year did sound hollow and tinny on ice (i had them just for two runs,not enough).
I´ve been told that Atomic Race skis for the world cup are made of wood,simulating the "beta" construction.
I´ll readily believe that Stocklis are true race stock,they are all supposed to be handmade.
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mc, according to Betaracer, the retail Atomics have the same construction as race skis, just varies in sidecut and flex. Ben Raich (sp?) won the slalom globe on this ski.

MattW, note how the Volkl sidecuts are evolving (like all other brands):
2000/01: 103-63-89
2001/02: 106-63-93
new ski on World cup this season: 110-63-97
Head was one of the first to have the really wide tip two years ago.
Do you think as the sidecut gets deeper and the ski gets shorter, it becomes more or less versatile? I don't want a slalom course-only ski.
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NCskier, I do think that there will come a point when people go too small. I know that I'm not going to be cranking out too many GS turns on my 163 sl skis. They just don't offer enough length to balance on.

I hear people calling new slalom techinque to a balancing act. I just can't see GS technique comming to that point.

So what I'm getting at is yes 160 might be a little small for an all around ski. From personal experience I know I feel fairly confident on my 9S in a 170, skiing most any style.

For a nice all around ski I would suggest the Head in a 170 or 175. 180 Is getting a little long to ski SL.
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