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Who knows Alta & Snowbird???

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Rephrasing a previously posted question and hoping for more ideas/input.

I'm in the midst of a serous powder jones, too.

I need suggestions on cheap accomodations at either Alta or Snowbird. Never been there, and all that snow right now has me really aching.
  • has to be on the hill (up the canyon) as I don't want to bother with the whole car thing;
  • can be a down room;
  • meals included (B + D);
  • cheap = $100ish a night (w/ food), $200ish if g/f comes (which kills dowm room)
  • clean, clean, clean... quiet.
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Not sure if it will meet your price requirements, but Alta's your only choice given the meals requirement. Just buy the combined pass and you're all set.
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Originally Posted by tetsuma
cheap accomodations at either Alta or Snowbird. has to be on the hill (up the canyon)
HAHAHAHA: maybe in June
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I'm pretty sure several of the lodges at Alta have dorms. You might look on the Alta web site and call the lodges directly to see about availability.

I think Goldminer's Daughter, Peruvian, and maybe Snowpine all have dorms. I haven't stayed in them, but I researched it a few years ago, and I seem to remember they were around $130/night (food included).

Someone more familiar with the lodges might be able to give you more definite info.
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The lodges at Alta should fit the bill. All have dorm rooms and include breakfast and dinner (food's good at all of them and you shouldn't get bored eating at the same lodge). Cheapest are Alta Peruvian and Snowpine Lodge, but you might find deals at others. I'd just check the Alta website to see which one has the deal you like most.


PS I was posting at same time as cgbarrett. But at least we agree.
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. that helps a lot.

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I recommend the Men's dorm at Peruvian- there's a room that sleeps four with bunks that's great. Food's good and best bar at Alta too.
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I'll attest to the Peruvian recommendation. Its worthwhile if you don't mid sharing some sleeping space with a few others. I just stayed in the men's dorm for about $125/night -- all three meals included. The lodge is nice. The food is very good.
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I think this is gonna happen. Thank you, thank you to everyone for the suggestions.

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