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This is a friend. When I saw his crash from the lift, I thought, "wow, I hope he's been doing pilates, 'cause I don't think his leg is supposed to bend like that!: "

Just a slushy day when a tip caught in a pile and super flexed his leg.
The binding released, but this all happened in a split second. No Slow Mo there!
A special thanks should go out to the Ski patrol. They were great!
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During a race this year (team side-by-side) I got tossed by a rut about three gates from the bottom just flying. I spun around, lost a ski and hit a burm that shot me into the air. I flew backwards down the hill for what seemed like an eternity before I whiplashed into the Masters slalom course (read: rock hard, cement-like "snow"). I had a seve bruise on my left quad and upper arm, and a horrible hematoma on my left hip. Had it not been for my helmet I've have been out cold for sure. The hip got worse over the following couple of days until the black, blue, orange, yellow, (insert color here) went from my spine around to my belly button. It's still sore five weeks later. Gosh, this racing thing is GREAT!
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