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Latest FIS Regulations

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Here are the latest FIS regulations for equipment. http://www.skiracing.com/news/alpine/al_061401_2.html
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i think the 55mm from the skibase to boot bottom has been in effect for a little bit at the least (not exactly sure)...i think the boot thinggie has been too....

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Yes they have I believe. Apparently there was some Austrian downhiller in training who was using extremely high lifts that actually, without making any mistake, snapped his femur in the middle of a turn - they think from pure 'G' forces! The longer lever arm that higher lifts give you works both ways - your body has to handle higher forces as well, so in the simple interests of safety it made sense to snap some regulations down on it.
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See email from USSA I've attached.
Response is from Walt Evans of USSA.


I appreciate the input.

We are working with FIS staff on a clear definition of these equipment
rules. Lengths and radius will likely only be controlled at World Cup
and Nor Am Cup this season.


Ed Green wrote:
> Walt:
> I wanted to contact you (Alan Ashley I think forwarded a email I sent to him
> concerning FIS ski size minimum recommendations for next year).
> I think when all is said and done, these recommendations make little to no
> sense.
> Consider a small 100-pound FIS level J2 girl skiing FIS races. She really
> should be on a 140 cm SL ski, and would likely be uncompetitive on a 150. A
> DH ski for this athlete would be at best a 190 GS ski, which will have a
> tighter turn radius than 40M. Finally, I'm not sure if the vendors will
> proportionally size skis for GS so that all sizes will make the same radius
> turn.
> My recommendation is for any racer skiing regional level races that they be
> able to use anything they want in terms of sizes. The same for JO's. In
> fact, the only way this makes any sense is at the of NorAms/Super Series
> level.
> It would be good that whatever your decision, that you put it on the USSA
> web site so that we know as soon as possible and can guide our athletes.
> I'm getting queries about this since Ski Racing published the FIS
> guidelines.
> Speaking of Super Series, Bill Gooch and I had a meeting on this upcoming
> Loveland event. Looks like its going to happen. I'm sure I'll see you
> there.
> Regards,
> Ed Green
> President, Loveland Racing Club
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Yes, excellent points.
I can understand some of the regs (or at least the *concern* behind the regs) regarding DH/SG skis, and also ski/binding/lifter height for all events, but I'm really puzzled by the minimum length for SL skis. How is a shorter ski going to be more dangerous in SL? In a fall the shorter length will provide a weaker (and hence safer) lever arm re your ACL. (I experienced this once when crashing - the tail hit the snow hard and tried to wreck my leg, but that little tail exerts so little force.) Probably fewer hooked tips with a shorter ski also. And if somehow - playing the devil's advocate - you have a greater chance of crashing on a shorter sl ski, well, hey, you're only going sl speed, so who cares?
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The ski issues are not spacifically safety based, but an attempt to slow down the 'golf club' mentality and make ski racing less based on technology and more on the racer. Short skis are harder to control in rough courses, but as I said earlier many World Cup racers are going to FIS minimums in slalom.

As far as stand off height goes, what that took away from the ski/binding, they gave back to the boot height a couple of years ago.

There is, however, some concern with ACL injuries especially in women and younger racers, hence, the boot changes. Note: there is no change in J2 and up women as far as ski/binding height. Although I didn't specifically ask, I don't think USSA will bother with the 45 mm boot height for women. That would limit women to junior boots.
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I think the reason for the lower limitation on ski length is due to the possibility that if individuals chose to go to shorter and shorter lengths, they'll be skating down the slopes...not skiing...or atleast that's what some guy in Masters was telling me...i mean...come on guys...skiing slalom with poles on skiboards... .....no comment :O

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Of course nearsighted and knee damage aside -Marc also won more overall World Cups than any skier in history. Unlike specialists like Stenmark & Tomba he won in every single event. At one point he had an injury that resulted in him having absolutely no feeling at all in his left leg . . . and still whipped the rest of the world that year again! 5 overall World Cup wins - he didn't culture the party image like Tomba did ("culture" being a key word) he just went out there and beat everybody. A true monster that guy.
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Hey, Marc Girardelli used to train on Big Feet with a 30 pound pack. Maybe that's why he had 14 knee operations and is nearsighted.
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