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Line prophet 80

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I have been thinking about buying a pair of he Line Prophet 80, and I found a great deal. I was wondering if anyone has demo/has these ski and how they like them, also I have demo the public enemy in a 179 and I enjoyed the size but I dont wanna over do it. Which prophet 80 would be better; the 176 or the 186?

Height: 5'10
Weight: 175
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Ask on newschoolers.com - the Prophet 80 was called something else last year I think MTX Assassin? Supposd to be a decent all mountani/park ski. Where do you ski? This is a twin so it will be a shorter running surface, probably 176 if you do mostly park/groomers, 186 if more variable conditions/big mountain. 186 will still be fine in park at your size.

I just got a pair of Prophet 100's for an amazing deal, probably the same as your source I went with 186cm (5'10 205)
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I ski mostly east coast, but I wanted these for when I go out west twice a year. I like to really push myself when im out there and I read some good reviews on them. I prob will use these the most for when I wanna chill in the park or want to just take some smooth runs w/ my g/f down some blues on the eastcoast. I heard they held up really well in hardpack.
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I had Volkl Mantra's and liked them alot. They de-laminated on me so I warrantied them and got a refund. Demo-ed the Rossi Scratch's, Line Prophet 100's, and K2 Seth Vicious'. K2's i went with, would take the Volkl's after that, then the Line's, and then the Rossi's. The Line's did not perform well on groomers or in bumps, but the 80's may. They did dominate pow pretty well though. I do ski an old pair of Line Darkside's as my park ski though. pretty happy with their products.
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I went w/ the 176's b/c I was able to get them for $200 New....so I see that as a steal. From the different reviews I read they should hold up well on the groomers since its only a 80 waist. I would think the 100's would give you a hard time on anything but pow.

I just wanna thank you guys for your help.
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