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Everyone makes mistakes, but I try to catch them before they get out. This is why I ask questions if I run into something I haven't seen.
I came to work and saw what happened. There is a mark on the plate. I told him to hold off on those ski until I could think about it. I was so busy I couldn't get back to it to look at it more closely. I suspect there is a mark on the ski which is the right one. The marks on the plate seem to be the center of the plate but there is nothing with those marks that say 'center' or the like. I am almost convinced this may be the case.
Once my jig is in place I always make sure all four feet of the jig are touching the ski, that it is truly on center or on boot toe, or like some skis- center for boot size 26, 27, 28, etc. like K2 did with one of their models.
We had two Volants to do. Over the phone I asked our other guy to wait until I got there to do them. When I came to work he had done one pair. He said that advice from our other store said to use a 3.5 first, then follow it with a 4.1. I've never heard of this! Maybe it's ok, I don't know. I don't trust the other store. We've had customers come from that store to ours and praise us for our knowledge and customer service as opposed to the other store.
We don't have the bits for Volants so we have to use the 4.1's. They're good for one set of skis and that's it. (If it was a new bit in the first place.) I drilled the second pair, waiting after each hole to let the bit cool down or else it would break inside the ski. (and using a spay lube to keep the heat down- old automotive trick.) Then tapped the holes. I showed the other guy how to use a tap. He didn't know about making a few turns then reversing the tap a turn or two to clear the threads of the tap. Last year a guy didn't do this and he broke off a tap in the ski which I had to extract.
Anyway, the Volants turned out fine. They were the SuperCarves.
I have a Wintersteiger order form, but I don't see drill bits. Where can I get some?
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Call volant direct. they have bits for their topskins. Metal bits that go into a reusable sleeve. Much better than the typical bit.
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Wonderful! Thanx, DMR! If I can't get the store to buy them, I'll buy them!
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For drilling the Volants just order a few carbide bits, they last for a very long time on regular skis and will do a pr of volants no prob. But when you drill the Volants with any bit, push very hard and let the bit spin slowly, it will cut into the material as opposed to spinning and heating everything up.
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Spyder- Also a good idea. I used that idea in working on cars. Still need those carbide bits, though.
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