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late March, long weekend trip

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from seattle

Two areas under considerabtion:
1/ Steamboat (and yes, I just spent a week therE)
2/ LCC & Alta (i've never been there)

looking for cheap but nice sleeps. At alta there's the perruvian and rustler's daughter dorm rooms. At steamboat, I can get the same price for a studio (obviously, w/o food provided).

So, questions:
  1. How do the dorms at the peruvian stack up against the rustlers daughter?
  2. How do the two places stack?
  3. Food ok?
  4. rooms sleepable?
  5. are dorms typically filled with more skier true-hearts than frat boys?
  6. what would you guys do?
it'll get me away from my g/f for a whiile, she's a boarder, and holds me back... plus she'll be in Mexico.

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I would go to alta and stay in salt lake. Its only 20 minutes away and less than half the price.
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