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About me- 6ft, 170 lb, advanced to expert that races Nastar and council/club races regularly. Looking for a new pair of boards that are stable in the race course including hard pack ice that is prevalent in the East.

Arrived at the local hill on Tuesday night to find the Rossi demo truck parked. It also happened to be a hard pack - firm snow night- since the temperature dropped and the sun baked snow turned to a speedy course. They had a selection of 07 skis on board. Too many skis on the list and quite a few in line for a pair to take out. First pair that were available (was not on my list really) were the Zenith 9 in a 162 cm length. These are a wicked turners and wider than I have been on under foot. For an all mountain non race specific ski they performed pretty good (as good as that short of ski at that weight could probably). It did not feel like a very heavy ski while on the feet. I did take them down through the course, but did not receive a time for comparison to other runs. A little short unless looking for a short slalom gate ski. Wanted to try the longer 170s in this model but they never became available. Comment would be if you could only have 1 pair of skis- these may be a contender in a slightly longer length.

Next ski was the new Radicals in a longer 175 cm. These skis if you are not aware have the 2 types of arms Xmounted next to each of the bindings that can be mounted up short for quicker turns and a 2nd longer set for more GS type turns. These had the shorter slalom type arms on them. Free skiing was pretty good on these, then into the race course for a run. They handled well until the last couple of icy turns they tended to chatter and may have benefitted from the longer arms being mounted up (they had a pair of these 175 with the longer arms mounted, but did not get a chance of skiing them- too many models and not enough time.)

Third pair were the same Radicals in the shorter 165 cm length. These again had the short arms mounted up on them. Rand them a few more runs than the 175's including through the race course. They posted my fastest time of the evening though the race gates- but the course and other factors like being the first runs in the speed suit only contributed.) They felt stable enough free skiing to try them pretty agressively in the course. Again they tended to chatter over a few bottom turns and ruts. A little more responsive turner- not quite like the shorter Zenith 9's but snappy edge to edge.

After that I went back to my Rossignol Oversized skis for a few more results in the race course. They were between the time on the longer 175 cm Radicals and the shorter 165 cm Radicals. Again though the first run on the 175 cm was fully dressed and not as agressive or icy yet.

Not sure from a looks stand point if I like the squarer shovels but that seem to be the latest trend from Rossi and others like Elan's new 07 Speedwave models.

After all the racing, I then got a chance to try a pair of Fischer Race SC in 170 cm that are a fellow racers. Only free skied them 1 run, and I had skied the 05 Race SC before. As always the Fischers handled well for the smaller mountain and a lighter skier than the Worldcup race stock models.