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Airfare from east to west

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Anyone finding cheap airfare from NY or there abouts to SLC or CO. It just keeps going up and up.
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you checking jetblue? they don't show up on travelocity. go to don't know if they do CO but definitely SLC.
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Have a look at Southwest out of Islip.

If you are flexible, there are flights to both SLC and Den for $225 return. Each flight requires a plane change and perhaps a stop, but the price is great.
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Jet Blues prices have about doubled. We fly Southwest and Delta a lot but prices are up quite a bit recently. It's getting more expensive every year to fly out west.
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Try, which does compare prices from all the major airline sites, other discount sites, and jetblue, frontier, and others who don't show up on expedia and travelocity.

I just found a boatload of American Airlines roundtrips NYC-SLC out of LaGuardia for $206 3/22-3/29 without trying hard. When I was commuting out here from Boston I often found that American was way cheaper than others. Since they do not have any nonstop service to Denver or Salt Lake from the east coast (everone connects in Chicago or Dallas), they tend to undercut a lot of fares from the airlines that do fly nonstop (Delta, Frontier, etc.) Looks like Continental and Delta have pricing in that range too as long as you're willing to make a connection.

Granted you'll be flying the "Greyhound bus of the skies" on American, (a "Maddog" Super-80) but on the other hand they have a real frequent flyer program too. Southwest and Jetblue get a lot of people flying them without checking the "majors" because they just assume that they're cheaper - and often they are not. Back in the day (as in 2004) JetBlue had a bunch of really good deals - but they've crept up quite a bit. And they're now the last of all US airlines in on-time performance. Sad.
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I am headed to SLC on March 24th and return April 2nd out of Philly. I just looked at Kayak and did no better (worse in fact) than my $405 fare with Delta, booked a month ago. BUT that flight would have been $20 cheaper if I had booked it the week before I did. The lesson: book early. I am paying for it because I could not make up my mind and I waited. I tried both Travel - o - city and Expedia and they both had the same deal. I couldn't tell you which one I used.....
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Jetblue is having a HUGE SALE until tomorrow- I just got tix for 69.99 which were 165.00 before... check them out today if you have some time...
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