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Comments on this SLC package?

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Thanks in advance to the SLC-area locals for comments on this Best Western package, which looks like a pretty good deal: $120/day for lodging, tix (Alta, Bird, Solitude, Brighton), basic car rental [would upgrade to 4WD], breakfast/sack lunch/some dinner credit >>


I'd like to book something by tomorrow. We have air tix already.

Your input's appreciated! (Glad to reciprocate anything with info on the Pac NW--)

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Not a local, but stayed at the Best Western in early February. Hotel is fine, although nothing special. I didn't have the package, but talked to people who did. Dinner options on package appeared to be very limited. Also, check on upgrade to 4wd, that could be very expensive (mine was about $80 per day). Breakfast is good. Try to avoid getting a room by the train tracks (we switched after the first night).

Either way, deal sounds alright to me. Nightly rate via Expedia was $61 (midweek) and $91 (holiday weekend) when we stayed, and tickets to the Cottonwood resorts run from $39 to $48 I think. Add a car and dinner and it sounds like your deal is pretty good and low hassle.

Try the beer at the Bohemian Brewery, and the burritos at Lone Star Taqueria (you'll pass both driving to the ski areas)
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Ahh, something I know a bit about.

I stayed at the Crystal Inn Midvale (Midvalley) last week. This location is an easy run up the canyons to the ski resort.

The cost for the same package at Crystal Inn is $213 for two people. The Crystal Inn package does not include lunch and dinner is a very basic affair at the hotel: not exciting but not bad (maybe avoid hamburger night). We ended up just getting the room and buying the ski tickets each day. We also rented an SUV that we shared between 3-4 people. Avis has a rental package that includes a ski rack. The suspicious-looking barrecrafter rack we ended up with did work but we carried the skis inside the vehicle.

The ski pass is the "Super Pass" which includes the bus (the bus alone is $6). These tickets were $49 and we bought them at the hotel. You can buy Brighton tickets a bit cheaper. The real value of the Superpass is the bus and for skiing at Snowbird (the pass is much cheaper than the day pass at snow bird).

Note that the busses run 2-3 times in the morning up and 2-3 times in the afternoon down. They don't run every have hour all day. As far as I know, they let the busses up and down the canyon when they are closed to private vehicles.
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thanks, njkayaker. One of the folks in our group has stayed at the Crystal Inn & thought it was good. Still debating the one-stop shopping option w Best Western.

Also saw a deal with Days Inn in SLC, $70/double with tix, ski bus.
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