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Recomendations for new skis?

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Hey everybody. I havent been really "active" in the forum- mainly because I have skool. And when I dont go to skool, I am skiing. So there.
ANYWAYS. As a growing skiier I have found that my first and only pair of skiis (160 cm K2 magics), despite their happiness and loyalty, well have gotten quite wobbly for me, and well, are pretty scratched up.
I was WONDERING if anyone had any recommendations for a female skiier, about 5ft5 & 135lbs. (this sounds like a personal ad) I spend most my times on steep, ungroomed terrain and moguls, but sometimes I enjoy blue courderoy and the trees. I LOVE deep stuff, and rarely will you find me in a terrain park.
So basically I need a ski to take me to a "higher level"- yeah. I'm not too agressive, and I want a longer ski. I was thinking about a bandit XX? any other suggestions? that arent mad expensive for my high-skool ski bumming budget? I just liek second opinions. Thanks guys!
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My wife demo'd (5'2, 120, ex-patroller) demo'd the G4, Bandit XX, Cross max, an Atomic (foget which) and the K2 T9x. She kept having more fun on the T9x (170 cm). Our local are is Mt Hood Meadows and we trip to Red and Fernie. Spend as much time as we can on the steep and in the trees. Get out and demo a few and see what you think. Mt Hood Meadows has a great demo setup which makes this easy for us. It's the best way to choose if it's available. Have fun with your new boards whichever you choose!
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it may be a bit spendy, but

a 178 volkl g4 sounds about perfect
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Thanks. I went to my wonderful local ski shop, and teh man there suggested teh K2 t9 in 168 cm and teh volkl vertigo i think in 168 cm. I am going to demo one tomorrow. I just needed bigger "sidewalls" I guess [img]smile.gif[/img] and a longer more stable ski because my little magics started trambling when I got off the groomers. Well if y'all have any more suggestions, let me know !
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Considering where you live & where you ski I would go with the T-9. It is a women's ski derived from K2's Axis line. It will handle slush, powder, heavy powder, crud & Mt. Bachelor groomers.

Buy the way, do you know where the T-9 get's its name from?
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Ditto on the K2 T Nine line, which are designed specifically for women. The T Nine line gets its name from the federal legislation known as "Title IX", which mandates, so to speak, equal athletic opportunity for women. The K2 T Nine Flight in 160 or 167 seems to have been designed with you in mind!

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