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Kids skis- does this make sense

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I want to purchase a set of skis for my 4 yrs. old daughter and season lease her boots. Once she grown out of her skis (2-3 seasons ?), I would pass it on to her 2 yrs old brother. Does this make sense? We are going to ski 6-10 days a year.

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Please search other posts on this subject to add a bit of depth and dimension prior to making any purchase.

In many cases, 4 year olds do not adapt well to skiing. Ski-Wee is probably the best way to go but be sure to call ahead because it's often difficult to ge in.

The folks in the kids programs are well equiped in most cases to deal with all of the problems unique to children.

Please don't (IMHO) waste your money and take "hit or miss" on a private lesson with the average line instructor if you can't get her into Ski-Wee. We get a lot of kids just dumped on us and the parents have some wierd notion that they will come back after an hour and have a "ski buddy" for life.

In the kids programs, they play games and have a "magic carpet" to get up the hill .... along with a lot of other kids and do a lot of "silly kid things" while getting used to being on skis.

Rent skis for the first few times and if your daughter takes to it you win the prize. My daughter at five just wanted to play in the snow.

At the end of their first year, I purchased rental gear from a shop that had good stuff. Rossi Vipers, and then passed that down from an older daughter to younger son .... and then passed it once more to a younger cousin.

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What yuki said makes sense. Dont force it :

Miketc, I dont really understand why you want to buy skis but rent boots : IMO buying used or off season equipment for kids that can pass them on to brothers and sisters and cousins and friends etc. like yuki said is the right way to go. And if you buy skis, also buy boots. Saves you the trip to the renting hut waiting in line and wasting useful time. Saves you a lot of huzzle. And many times renting boots will not be much cheaper than the whole set.

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Hi, thanks for the comments.

The idea behind seasonal boot rental is that 4 yrs old kid's feet will grow each year. The binding could be adjusted (to a couple sizes) but not the boots. At least this is the concept. Is it the correct concept??
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BTW, my daughter has already ski once and she loves it. She have yet taken a lesson but done pretty well for the first time with me helping her. She have no problem moving on flat surfaces on her own but don't know how to stop yet.
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Most of the shops will have a swap event in October or November where you can usually get some great deals.

Shawnee has one to benefit the Ski Patrol and I took a bunch of kids stuff up there this year ..... as I will next season too.

These "events" are kind of the start of my season........ [img]smile.gif[/img] But being a gear junkie my wife gets a bit upset when she sees the "extra-just-in-case" stuff I drag in. :

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Yuki's right. Swap meets at the beginning of the season are the way to go. You can outfit your kids with very good equipment for very little $$$. When my three kids young ( ages 5-10) that was the only way I could afford to keep them all in decent equipment. But, you have do your homework. Go to ski shops, see what's available, price new equipment and than make a informed decision. I would stick with equipment that's no more than 1-2 years old and would expect to pay 50-60% less than what comparable equipment is selling for in the ski shops.

Don't be surprised if your child has outgrown his/her skies or boots in less than one ski season!

AND, if your kids decide that they have to join the alpine race team, your in BIG trouble!
There are a whole host of delusional rationales that will help you get through their RACE years. You can tell yourself that it's no more expensive than sending them to private school! And just because YOUR skiing on 10 year old skies while their ripping on the latest and greatest, you don't really mind. :
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