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Side or Base Edge Bevel?

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I am going through several videos about how to use the bevel tools (Swix being one), none of the videos show Base Edge Bevel. Do I have to do the Base Edge? My tool has both settings.
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You rarely if ever hit the base ... leave that to a GOOD shop.

Side bevel ... all the time .. that and wax.
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base beveling is a little different than side, and as Yuki said, for most edge maintenance, a side bevel should do suffice. If you do need to run the base bevel, get base bevel file guides (my preferance is for the Swix base bevel guides, but a lot of people like the Beast versions, which tend to be a little cheaper). I'm guessing you have a multi tool like the one from Reliable Racing (which I own as well if that is the one you have). I only use that for general maintenance, not for cutting in a new base bevel.
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