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175 Allstars or 168 Superspeed?

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I am 6' 195-200lbs.
Don't know my level but would say a low expert skier.
Mainly groomed runs, NO BUMPS

I have skied on Allstars in both 175 and 168 lengths and found both to be great. The 168 turning tighter, obviously. How would a 168 Superspeed compare to a 175 Allstar seeing as how they share a 15.9 turning radius?
Would the SS be stable enough at higher speeds? I had no stability problems with the 168 Allstar so I would imagine the SS would be OK. I can get a SS with the IPT Race for less than the Allstar with just the Motion.
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168 sounds short to me

I haven't skied both skis, but I'm 6'1", ~170#s and have the SSpeeds in 175. They are totally stable at speed, but I wonder whether the 168 SSpeeds are appropriate for you at 6', 200#s. 168 might work in the east, but do you intend to demo or do you have a pair of longer/wider skis if you head west & hit pow/crud?

The SSpeeds are designed with a longer turn radius. If you like the 15.6 radius for your skiing style, maybe you should stick with the Allstars since you really liked them and that's what they're designed to do.

BTW: I don't think the choice of bindings matters that much after having skied a number of Volkls over the years with/without motion, or motion with/without piston. I like the Look Pivot bindings more than the Marker Motion bindings.
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Howdy -- I also haven't skied both skis, but I own the Superspeeds at 175cm. I'm 6'1" and 200 lbs., a level 8/9 skier and my other skis are Volkl P50s and Stockli Stormrider XLs. For me, the Superspeeds are phenomenally stable at speed. I've consistently skied them over 50 mph without any instability or nervousness in the ski. Even on ice at those speeds, they are extremely stable. My 15 year-old son, who's 5' 9", 155 lbs. and a level 8/9 skier, however, does ski on 168cm Volkl 6 Star (the old stiffer allstar) and I get the distinct impression that I have the faster skies. So much so, that he has asked at what point he might be able to get Superspeeds of his own (not for a while -- he's lucky at 15 to have 6 Stars).

I think the big question is going to be your skiing style. Both skis deliver a lot of the same goods, but they each emphasize some of those goods differently. The Superport is a slightly stiffer, slightly smoother (at speed) and slightly faster ski. The allstar is plenty fast and stable, but is a little easier in the bumps (for those rare times that you might hit them) and will carve the short and medium range turns with less effort -- thanks both to its shorter turning radius and a more forgiving construction. Don't get me wrong though, the Superspeeds can do every terrain and turn that the Allstars can, but at times you have to put more into the ski to get it. For me, I love skis with a lot of speed and "pop" and I don't mind working to get it. But I would highly recommend demoing both skis in both sizes before buying. I agree with Dino that 168 might be a little short for your size and ability. Sometimes it can take 4 or 5 runs to get used to a longer length on a stiffer ski, so take your time on them and be sure to drive the tips. If you sit back too much on the Superspeeds, they'll start dictating to you. But if you're mainly a groomer skier, I think you'll really like them. Whatever your final choice, you can't go wrong -- they're both great skis. Good luck!
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