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Fischer RC4 World Cup SL & GS review...

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for the average mortal. Non-racer types, take notice!

I posted this review in another thread, but since these are actually different skis from the review...here we go...

Got to ski the RC4 WC SL's and GS's yesterday for the first time!! WOW - it's been a LONG time since I've been on a pure slalom ski!! What a blast - especially here in Minnesota.

Quick review - me: 5'11", 180 or so..., boots - Atomic M10 (first day on these too!), probably a cautious level 8 depending on who you ask (I just don't do bumps)

SL with Race Plates - 165cm, set up with Salomon 810's -- Rail-like grip! Edge to edge vastly quicker than anything I have ever been on. Initially alittle skittish, but as I got the feel for them, they inspired confidence in small & medium radius turns. I was surprised that a R<14 m. ski was able to make some of the longer turns I pushed them through. They were also quite capable of holding a straight line - again surprising. A blast for the short hills here in MN - I would recommend them highly! Contrary to what I have heard, these skis ARE manageable for "other-than-racer" types -- either that or I'm better than I think.: The hill I was on wasn't terribly steep - I can't wait to get them on something longer, steeper, and a bit more challenging.

GS with Race Plates - 188cm, same bindings - Again, like riding rails, only much less "S" shaped. Going from a pair of slalom skis I have never skied to a pair of GS skis I have never skied was ...challenging. However, after the one or two initial awkward "getting to know you" runs, I was pleasantly surprised by how willing they were to do what I wanted them to. Ultra stable at speed (what I was able to get from them on this hill...), and with small kickers, they inspired airborn confidence - the landing was always stable, and they did not track erratically in the least. By no means a short turner, I was able to coax some medium radius turns out of them, and the long turns were like poetry. Initially, I was concerned by the length I chose (I originally wanted a 183cm, but there were none to be had), but I think they are going to be perfect at 188cm. I can ski them quite aggressively at this length, and if I gain a few pounds, it won't be an issue. I would not have thought of using a full-on race si as an all-around groomed long-turner, but this one seems to be up to the task. Again, a bit more fogiving than I had expected based on what I have read.

All in all, I feel good about the decision to buy both of these! I was initially hesitant as I am NOT a racer (well, NASTAR every now & then doesn't really count), but I think they will actually help my technique. They let you know where your flaws are, but won't instantly punish you for it - they give you a chance to right your course. Now when my twin tips arrive...:
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Nice reviews Chris, Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Many good skiers can be found on small hills.

The WC SL should be a great ski to help you master technical skiing.


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That's my hope. I wanted a ski that was going to test me, but not kill me. I find these skis to fill the ticket in that regard. I was an instructor for a number of years, so my technique is alright, but I needed something to take me to the next level without having to go on long trips to get on thsoe "a little over my head" runs. Skis that make you be a better skier seemed to be the answer. All mountain skis are just a tad boring on the short runs we have, not to mentione they are usually fairly forgiving, so here we go!
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