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Stratton and Jiminy Peak... holding up well

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I skied both Stratton and Jiminy Peak the last weekend in Feb. and then Jiminy Peak again on the first weekend in March. Both were holding up well. Both have had some natural snow in the trees...certainly not enough to ski, but enough to almost cover the ground and give a winter look to the slopesides.

Man made snow has held up very well and there is a good base. The month long ongoing cycle of freeze, thaw, rain, freeze, has left an icy hardpack underneath three or four inchs of groomed snow. Afternoon skiing can get dicey as the top cover is scraped aside. (Nothing new about that!) No rocks yet to speak of, but there are new stone grooves showing up every week on my bases.

The weather in nothern MA and southern VT is warming up into the 50's with rain showers this weekend, March 11th, and although I don't think it will take out too much base; but I think it will begin to expose some bare spots. So unless the mountains start making snow again, and the consensus of the locals is that won't happen, then we might begin to see some trails begin to deteriorate.

Overall, most of the skiers I talked with had nothing but praise for the conditions at both mountains, considering the type of weather we've had this year.

However, I wouldn't be wating until the end of March to ski either of these places this year. Get up as soon as you can after this weekend. To borrow a quote from the prophets...The end is near. Gordo
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I agree about Jiminy Peak - was there this Sunday, March 5th - good coverage, decent base, and really good skiing especially the first few hours. I was also at Mount Sunapee in NH on Friday, March 3rd and that was even better - excellent snow, very nice skiing for most of the day! I don't think anyone will be making any more snow, but hopefully they'll groom over to recover from any rain damage over the next few days and we'll still have decent skiing for some more weeks.
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We skied there on Saturday and conditions were great in the a.m. and spring like in afternoon. Plenty of snow there!
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I plan on going this weekend. I hope the rain is finally over. Tomorrow 3/15 it is going to get much colder. gordo
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Just drove by Jiminy and the cover is pretty beat. I give it 2 weeks. I've been wrong before. The trails look narrow re: snow.

I'll try to get there for a few turns on Wed (15th). Will let you know.
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Paul...Did you get ski Jiminy on Wednesday? We plan on going up Sat and Sunday. Rock skis? Gordo
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I just received there weekend outlook email. They will make snow Friday and Saturday night.

I was there last week (best skiing of the year) and noticed that the hoses had been removed from Exhibition so who knows.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Saturday.
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Skied Jiminy Peak again Sat, Sunday and Monday 3/18-3/20. Overall the conditions were really good considering the sixty degree temps and rain ten days earlier. Good manmade snow base, no bare spots. During the week, they blew snow to fill in some bare spots. Weather partly sunny and low twenties.

I am planning on going up again this weekend 3/25. Locals say first week of April will be the end. Gordo
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There today and it was a real nice day. Plenty of snow and a soft surface - firm but not icy underneath. Met a few good men who joined the old boys and had fun screamin down the hill. Glad I went and no one missed me!
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Weather.com is reporting high chance of rain this weekend (both days) at Jiminy.
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Jiminy Peak: Spring conditions = cement

Jiminy Peak Sat 3/25 and Sunday 3/26; in a word 'oatmeal'. Plenty of base left, but air temps were at 40' by 8:30 am. It was decent for the first two hours, or as long as one could find clean snow. Finally after being pushed and piled, it was just plain heavy and wet. I spent a couple of hours, and trying to rationalize how this could improve my 'technical skills'; but in reality it wasnt any fun and we quit at noon.

This was probably the last weekend for me at Jiminy. If I want to ski any more this year, I think I'll have to get on an airplane.
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I know what you mean. I found some great snow along the sides of the steeper trails. It was like a powder day, a sloppy powder day. The flat areas were poor. Overall I still had a great day.

Didn't hit any rocks but it was real thin at the top in places.

If there is a freeze I'll go back. Otherwise it will be slop on slop.
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