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Skiing Copper on Friday, 3/10

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With almost 2' of new snow expected to hit over the next few days I decided it's time to play hooky. I'll be at Copper on Friday with the big fat skis.
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I think I'll be out there as well. Will be able to confirm Thursday afternoon. Noodler, want to carpool? Thinking about heading out early (6:45-7:00-ish), skiing till about 2pm or so.
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Originally Posted by faisasy
I think I'll be out there as well. Will be able to confirm Thursday afternoon. Noodler, want to carpool? Thinking about heading out early (6:45-7:00-ish), skiing till about 2pm or so.
That works for me, but how many pairs of skis can your car handle?

Anyhow, I'll probably just bring 2 pairs and pray for some of the deep stuff.
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Noodler, call me. I'll be there with the family, but hope to hook up with bong and others. Perhaps you could slow down for a groomer or two with us...
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I'm sporting an ambassador coat tomorrow ... perhaps I will see you guys?
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klkaye, I'll be looking for you for sure! We'll probably start at the Edge just after dropping Gabe off at Union Creek at about 9.
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Major accident near Floyd Hill/Idaho Springs turned us around Friday (it didn't help that I just missed being hit three times before we bagged it!). Rescheduled for Wednesday 3/15 at Copper (again with the family). Looks like SrMike and friend will join us. Anyone else?
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Steve, you didn't miss much -- conditions were about the worst I've ever seen. Everything had a shiny glaze of ice. Both Noodler and I concurred that Triple Zero was about the worst run either of us had taken all season, if not ever -- glazed ice mixed with pockets of wind-loaded snow. We kept hitting the hard boiler-plate ice and then diving into the soft "grabby" snow -- almost impossible to get any rhythm going. Storm King was closed in the morning, so didn't get to try out Spaulding Bowl. Halllelujah was in okay shape. The wind kicked up from time to time ferociously -- literally couldn't see past our ski tips at times. The saving grace, as always, was Union Bowl -- superb soft snow all the way. We had a short day.

By contrast, Mary Jane was great today. Especially Parsenn Bowl (Fireberry Glade, Johnstone Junction) -- ankle-deep untracked stuff.
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wow -- I had a very different experience at copper on friday. tons of fresh snow and sun peeking in and out. the east side of the mountain was NOT the place to be -- so staying west meant the wind-blown snow and some respite from wind. a-lift was also deserted and wind-free. I agree that union bowl was nice once you got past the inch or so slab made by the wind.
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Helps to know the area, eh, klk?

Guys, next time hopefully I'll be with you. We'll find some pockets at Copper, I promise!
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Alright, Steve, (and klkaye too!), I'll take you up on your offer! I'll be out at Copper tomorrow (Monday) and hopefully on Wednesday as well. Will you show me where the good stuff lies?
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Sure! We'll be there Wednesday as long as the kids recover from their "under the weather" status (turns out it was a very good thing we didn't make it up on Friday!). I'll PM you my mobile number.
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wed is a work day for me, but I am sure you guys will have a blast! skied Breck today with UL, MadMike and DP ... we had a ball. there's a lot of new snow around these days.
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Well, we're not quite recovered, so we've tentatively rescheduled for Thursday. Figures that our relatively illness free winter would take a hit this week! I've got it now, and so does Terry. We're hoping to have it licked by tomorrow...
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Steve - well if you push it one more day I'll be back out at Copper on Friday (this time with the whole family - including my wife's sister and her family).
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Can't do it Friday, so it'll be either Thursday or next week sometime. I'll let ya'll know tomorrow!
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Heavy sigh...

We're re-loading for Monday. We need to recover. I was thinking I might try to get up alone tomorrow, but I don't even think I better do that (discretion/valor, dontchaknow).

Sorry, friends...
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Hey Steve, give me a shout on my cell if you're out at Copper on Monday -- I may be there with some friends.

Copper was great today -- lots and lots of soft stuff in the bowls and trees.
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Will do... the forecast looks good, so perhaps we'll get an opportunity to find some of those places I mentioned... Did you find some today?
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Originally Posted by ssh
Did you find some today?
Yes I did, so thanks for the tips -- some soft untracked stuff through the trees.
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