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Lotta Luv, Whata Length?

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My wife's spotted a set of K2 Lotta Luvs on Ebay, the winning bid can choose either the 160 or 167.

As a 5'8", 125 lbs lady getting a pair to complement her Volkl Gamma 5* (161) for help in deeper snow should she go for the extra length for more float, or the easier to handle shorter model?
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Don't know about height, but she's well within the weight range for the 160cm.

I am 5'2", 110lbs and an advanced/expert skier skiing mostly off-piste black and double blacks and I ski the Lotta Luv in a 153cm. Never, ever thought I would ski something that short and I love it. Highly manueverable, suprisingly stable. I think they designed this ski to be skied short, myself. . .

. . . but being a *shortie*, I don't know what I'd be thinking if I were 5'8". Oh wait, I'd be thinking, "I'm TALL! And I have LONG LEGS!"

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marc, I saw you looking at some in the rack in Snowbird. Are you sure they're really for the missus?

Deb is 5'6"/135lbs & is on 160 Burnin' Luv's & thinks that they great so I'd say the 160's.
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My wife has the 160's in the Lotta Luv - 5'6 145 and loves them. Stable at speed on groomed and great off the groomers - much improved skiing from her. It is the best pick I have made.
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Thanks all, I think I'll have a punt for the 160's for her.

Jon, I'd try them myself - but I'd have to get some training in first:
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my sister is 5' 10" and about 120 pounds. i'm not sure if 167 is right for her or not...
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scb: 120 says shorter; 5'10" says longer. So it's not an easy question.

What does she ski now, in what size, and what does she like and dislike about them?

FYI, these should be coming up on steepandcheap.com today.
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yeah, that's why i'm wondering..because they're coming up on SAC

not sure what size she skis now..all I know is they're an ancient pair of skis and she needs new ones. so i figure a good deal on SAC might get the job done

but 78mm for her on the east coast may not be the best combo...so I think i'll forget about that idea
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78 in the East would be fine.

Or would've been, assuming that you missed it.
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That deal came and went on SAC and they had 160s. My recollection is it sold around $268 with bindings, and about $18 shipping.
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21x 167s, 40x 160s. $283.50.

I'm surprised, honestly -- I tried to pick up a pair of 160s for my wife late last season and everywhere we checked was sold out. Ended up with Dynastar Exclusive Legends instead, which was probably the better choice. But even then, at a bargain, the unmounted skis cost as much as these with the integrated Markers. A good deal.
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I have a pair of Burnin's in a 160, I love them to death. I also have a pair of Lotta's in a 160, (bought without demoing on the strength of my relationship with my Burnin's) I hate them, they are the worst ski I have ever ridden.
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That's funny, crystal -- my wife almost went for the Lottas on the strength of her Phat Luvs, but ended up demoing the Rossi B2W against the Dynastar Exclusive Legend for a weekend (thanks, SierraJim!). She fell in love with the Dynastars, with their snappy response and fantastic edge hold. If that sounds like what you like about the Burnins, you might want to give the Dynastars a spin.
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The Lottas are my #1 favorite ski in a quiver consisting of Phat Luvs, Tough Luvs, Lotta Luvs, and Burnin' Luvs. I'm 5'2" and 115 lbs and I'm on a 160.
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